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Bayou Heat by Alexandra Ivy & Laura Wright

Image Raphael by Alexandra Ivy      The first story is about Raphael and Ashe Pascal . If found it to be a easy read that jumped right into the story. The major problem I had with it was it ended like I walked into a brick wall. Parish by Laura Wright      This story is about Parish & Dr. Julia Cabot . This one picks up right after Raphael which gave you the ending (some what) to the first story. I do enjoy Wright's writing and this story was good too. I have to say as much as I liked both stories I did feel after I read them I felt full, like a good meal, but then after I wanted more. Both stories need a little bit more to them. Happy reading!  

Born of Shadows by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Image Born of Shadows is book #5 in the League series. I recommend that you read the books in order to really enjoy it. That way you'll have a better understanding on who's who, and what's going on. Born of Shadows is about Caillen Dagan & Desideria Denarii . Caillen finds himself in prison awaiting his death when surprise, surprise he finds out something about himself that he never knew. (to find out what that is you must read the book. Evil, I know) Desideria her mothers guard overhears a plot to kill her mother. Before she can stop them from killing her mother, she runs into assassins that try to kill her. Caillen comes to her rescue but ends up landing them in a escape pod. While they are fighting for their lives they learn that Caillen is wanted for killing Desideria , her mother and his father. They work together to clear both their names. You'll love this series if you haven't read it yet. Kenyon writes it with such passion.

Deadline by Metsy Hingle

Image Deadline is about Tess Abbott and Spencer Reed . Both of them are in the media field. Tess is a television reporter and Spencer is a newspaper reporter. Tess is trying to figure out why her father killed her mother and if he really did. Spencer is about to break a huge political scandal. When they realize that both her mothers murder and Spencer's story have something in common they decided to work together. Deadline isn't a bad story but at times the plot was slow moving. If you can get past that you'll end up liking how the author ties it all up.  Happy reading! 

Cherished by Maya Banks & Lauren Dane

Image I want to start off by saying if you're not a fan of multiple partners then this isn't the book for you. Exiled by Maya Banks       The story is about Talia Montforte & Prince Alexander Carrera . When she was young the Prince fell for her and wanted her. He brings her to his island where he teachers her the ways of pleasing a man. Part of that pleasing is to be with his three body guards. Sway by Lauren Dane      This story is about Levi Warner & Daisy Huerta . Levi meets Daisy at a dance class his soon to be sister-in-law asks him to take. They soon start to sizzle together even though he feels that she doesn't fit into his lifestyle. I have to say that for a book that's erotic romance I felt it was only so-so on the sex. I didn't hate either of the stories but I can tell you they wouldn't make my keeper shelve. I had issues with the ages of the girls. My own kid is older then them. Because both authors m

Crystal Gardens by Amanda Quick

Image I've always been a big fan of Amanda Quick . I love how she doesn't feel the need to write about perfect women. Instead, she writes about strong women that take charge of their lives. Crystal Garden is the first of the Ladies of Lantern Street . It's about Evangeline Ames & Lucas Sebastian . Both of them have paranormal abilities and use it in their real lives as investigators. They are now working together to find out who wants Evangeline dead. I do have to say this isn't one of my favorite of Quick's books. I found it slightly boring. I will say that her other books are wonderful and you should read them. I'm not saying not to read Crystal Garden's , because there are so very good moments in the book and the characters are very strong. Happy reading!

Master of the Inn by Ella Jade Tasty Blurb Tour & Giveaway

Master of The Inn Ella Jade The Pleasure Innseries launches with Master of the Inn. This is book one in amulti-book series that centers on Pleasure Inn and the couples whospend a weekend indulging in their fantasies. The first bookintroduces us to Logan and Elyse and we learn how the inn came to be.Each book to follow will feature a new couple but the reader will beable to keep up with Logan and Elyse's relationship as they progress.The books can be read out of order but Master of the Inn sets thestage. Blurb Pleasure Inn… Where all of yourfantasies become reality. Executive chef Elyse Clapton has had itwith city life. She’s spent the last few years building hercheating boyfriend’s trendy New York City restaurant into asuccess. When their relationship ends, so does her desire to be inhis kitchen. She flees to a quaint inn she remembers visiting as achild. She gets more than she bargains for when she meets the sexy,reclusive inn keeper. Handyman Logan Cole

Catch of a Lifetime by Luann McLane

Image I had a wonderful time visiting  Cricket Creek again. It seems like such a cute town to live in. Catch of a Lifetime is book 2 in the Cricket Creek series. It makes for a great Sunday afternoon read. The 2nd book in the series is about Jessica Robinson who's a chef who runs the kitchen of her aunts diner, and Ty McKenna who's a former baseball player turned coach. Both Jessica and Ty have things in their past that have shaped their lives now. Some of it was good and some not so. It's was a enjoyable reading about how these two become a couple. I think you'll enjoy reading this series. Happy reading!

Once Tempted by Laura Moore

Image I was very lucky to receive this as a ARC . I'm a fan of Laura Moore's so it wasn't a chore to read it. This is a first in the Silver Creek series and is about Ward Knowles who's family owns a ranch in California, and Tess Casari from New York City. After the death of her husband Tess leaves New York for new surroundings and ends up on the Silver Creek Ranch where she lands a job. Ward isn't happy about this new arrangement, but has no control over who his mother hires. Soon both Tess and Ward no longer feel like being enemies and become a whole lot more. Of course this wouldn't be a great romance without past secrets coming out to ruin a good relationship. I enjoyed the beginning of this series and look forward to the next book. Its out on March 26th! Happy reading!  

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your all enjoying today. I know we all must have wonderful memories of this day, and the people who have made it special for us. I have to say one of my first memories was when I was very young and I received my first chocolate fill heart from my grandfather. I was shocked and pleased. Every year my grandfather would go out and buy chocolate filled hearts for the women in his life. My grandmother would get this big heart that would make any kid sigh with happiness, then my aunt and mother would get a medium size box, and my sister and I would get smaller boxes. Every year I looked forward to getting my box with thoughts that one day, I'd be grown and get a box of chocolates as big as my grandmothers. I thank my grandfather for these wonderful memories of Valentine's he gave to me. So tell me, what are any of your special Valentine's Day memories? Happy reading!

A Taste of Trouble by Gina Gordon

Image I received this as a ARC and after seeing the cover I couldn't wait to read it. This is a new author for me, I've never read anything by Gina Gordon before. A Taste of Trouble is about Liv Crawford & Jack Miller . Liv is a baker who's opening her new bakery. Jack works in PR. Jack's boss asks him to get Liv as a client and he puts his all into it. Of course he falls in love, but love is a rocky road that becomes very complicated. I enjoyed this book. I did find the plot to be somewhat busy at times, and all the things that happens to Liv could be too much. If you keep going, I think you'll find that this is a good story with likable characters. This is out February 18th from Entangled Publishing . Happy reading!   

Stop the Wedding by Stephanie Bond

Image I've always enjoyed books by Stephanie Bond . She has a wonderful way of weaving murder and humor together to make a get story. Now in Stop the Wedding there isn't any murder, but we do have some humor. The story isn't a new one, it's about two grown adult children trying to story their parents wedding for their own reasons. The hero and heroine are Annabella Coakley   & Clay Castleberry . And as they work hard and making sure their parent won't make the biggest mistake of their life, they end up falling in love with each other. The story might not be original but it does have some funny moments. It's a quick read, that will make for a nice Sunday afternoon. Happy reading!

Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston

Image I was lucky enough to receive this as a ARC. You most likely heard me screaming when I did. :) As a fan of Shelly Laurenston all I can tell you is that you've never read another author like her before. She has a way of putting humor and violence together and making a great story. Whenever I recommend her books to someone, I always tell them that they should remember that the people in the books are animals first, humans second. At times they act very much the animal. In Wolf With Benefits you meet Toni Jean-Louis Parker . She has spent her life helping her parents raise their nine children and has gotten very good at making schedules and keeping everyone in check. Life is good until she meets a wolf named Ricky Lee Reed . Ricky Lee reminds her of all the things she missing in life. Next thing she knows she's seeing the wolf and finds herself with a new job that she's not even sure she wants. You really need to try this book when it comes out.

Saved by the Rancher by Jennifer Ryan

This is about Jack Turner and Jenna Caldwell Merrick . Jack is ex-military and now owns his family ranch. Jenna is divorced with a obsessive ex-husband, she creates websites. Jenna is on the run from her ex, after being beat by him again she asks her lawyer to help her find a safe place and he sends her to Jack . I have have to tell you when I started reading this I thought I was reading a book from the 80's. It just went overboard in making its point. No one person could have taken the beatings that she did. Now, saying that I have to confess that I couldn't put the book down. I was totally sucked into the story. If you read this and feel the same way about the feel of the book, don't give up. By the end of the book I still had some issues but...don't laugh...I will buy her next one. :) I would rather read a book that I love and hate at the same time, then a book that's only so-so. Give it a try, you might be surprised. It's out February 26th . Happy read

Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh

Image Tangle of Need is the 11th book in the PSY/Changeling series . Each of the books move the core story along so these are better if you read them in order. Of all her stories this was one of her busier plots. It had many characters, more then one with the first name starting with the letter A . Confusing at times. I think that because of how busy the plot was, it took away a little from the story. Of course saying that didn't mean I didn't enough the story, because I did. Singh has a way of wording her stories that make you fall in love with her people and world. She writes strong characters, with a hint of humor that adds to their appeal. Up this time is Adria & Riaz's story. It turns out that Riaz should be mated to another woman and Adria love life isn't much better. Can these two find love with each other, even though they aren't a mated pair? You'll have to read the book and find out. :) Happy reading!

Night is Darkest by Jayne Rylon

Image I want to start of by saying that this is a very sexy read, if you're not into books that contain MF/MFM/MM then this isn't the book for you. For those who do, then you'll enjoy this story. I've never read a book by Jayne Rylon before so I wanted to give her a try and I'm glad I did. The story moved quickly and had a good plot. I also enjoyed the characters which is important to me. The story is about Lacey Daughtry who has just lost her police officer bother Rob . His best friends and her's, Mason Clark & Tyler Lambert come to her with the sad news. They do their best to help her through her trying time while trying to solve her brothers murder. When it because apparent that Lacey is in danger they will do anything to keep her safe. As all this is going on the three of them realize they love each other and want to be together. This is book one of the Men In Blue series. Happy reading!

Temptation in a Kilt by Victoria Roberts

Image This is our February book club pick and I couldn't wait to read it. I love a man in a kilt! I don't read as much historical romance anymore and when I do I like them to be easy, quick reads. I found that in this story. I was able to get into the story right away and it kept my attention.  Temptation in a Kilt is about Lady Rosalia Armstrong and Laird Ciaran MacGregor . Lady Rosalia Armstrong is on the run from her abusive parents and a marriage to a horrible man that her parents plan for her. Laird MacGregor finds her and decides to help, and takes her to his home. There they start to learn about each other and fall in love. Of course you need some drama thrown in and get that from the Campbell's . A nice afternoon read. Happy Reading! 

Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands

Image I was lucky enough to receive a copy of a ARC of Immortal Ever After by Lynsay Sands . She is a favorite of mine who writes what I'd call a lighter paranomal. She is the type of author you'd try, if you're sticking your toe into the paranormal world. Her books contain plenty of humor, romance and a little intrigue. Immortal Ever After is about Valerie Moyer and Anders . You've met Anders in prior Argeneau books. Valerie Moyer finds herself kidnapped and vampire food. She is able to escape but that doesn't solve her problems, her kidnappers want her back. Anders has found his life-mate and he's not going to let anyone harm her. They work together to find out who the kidnapper is and bring him to justice, along with some very well loved past characters. You'll love this 18th addition to the Argeneau series. This is out of February 26th from Avon . Happy reading!

Die For Me by Cynthia Eden

Image I was lucky enough to receive a ARC of Die For Me by Cynthia Eden . I've always enjoyed her books and this is no exception. I loved Die For Me . It is a fast paced ride with many twists and turns. Die For Me reminds me of books written by Linda Howard .  The story is about Katherine Cole and Dane Black . Katherine is hiding from her ex-fiance, a man who is known as the Valentine killer. When women start dying the same way as the women that Valentine killed,  Katherine has no other choice but to go to the police. Detective Dane Black is shocked when a woman comes in claiming his murder is the Valentine killer. How does she know, is she working with the killer? Trusting his instincts, he believes Katherine is innocent and does whatever he can to protect her. Die For Me will be out on  February 5th from Amazon Montlake , just in time for Valentine's Day. Happy reading! 

Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham

Image If you enjoy romantic suspense with a little paranormal thrown in, you'll love Heather Graham . She has a way of writing very busy stories, with many characters, but have you never getting lost in the story. Something I think shows a true writer. In Ghost Shadow , the first in the Bone Island trilogy you meet Katie O'Hara and David Beckett . They are the main characters, but there is many secondary characters that help you to be drawn into the story. Lets not forget there is also many ghosts, in fact, one of the ghost who's almost a main character is Bartholomew . He really helped make the story what it is. Katie O'Hara plans to buy a museum, that is until David Beckett shows up and stops her plans. You'd think that would cause her to hate him, but instead it pushes her into helping him solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend, who's body was found years earlier at the family museum. There are many twist and turns in the