Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope your all enjoying today. I know we all must have wonderful memories of this day, and the people who have made it special for us. I have to say one of my first memories was when I was very young and I received my first chocolate fill heart from my grandfather. I was shocked and pleased. Every year my grandfather would go out and buy chocolate filled hearts for the women in his life. My grandmother would get this big heart that would make any kid sigh with happiness, then my aunt and mother would get a medium size box, and my sister and I would get smaller boxes. Every year I looked forward to getting my box with thoughts that one day, I'd be grown and get a box of chocolates as big as my grandmothers. I thank my grandfather for these wonderful memories of Valentine's he gave to me. So tell me, what are any of your special Valentine's Day memories? Happy reading!


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