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One Night with a Cowboy by Cat Johnson

Image I was very lucky to have received this as a ARC . I have never read a book by Cat Johnson but now that I have read One Night with a Cowboy , that's all about to change. I love her writing and the way she formed her characters. She gave them the feel of being real. One Night with a Cowboy is about Tucker Jenkins and Rebecca "Becca" Hart . Tucker is both a military man and rodeo cowboy. A combination that will make you drool. Becca is a English professor. One day Becca finds herself without a job and then her boyfriend moves out. Not sure what she'll do for a job her sister send in her resume to a college in Oklahoma, very far removed from New York. She goes to Oklahoma to interview and meets a cowboy and has the best one night stand in her life. Only to find herself taking the job and realizing that the cowboy she had the one night stand with, works at the same college. What are they to do? Can a one night stand become more? You must read One Nigh

Swept Aside by Sharon Sala

Image This is the third in the Storm Front  trilogies. This is a wonderful series that follows well from book to book. In the third book Amalie Pope comes home after she is shot at the school she teaches at, only to be taken hostage in her own home by 4 escaped convicts. One of the men, Nick Aroyo has a secret that he doesn't want anyone to know. I always love how Sharon Sala writes her characters, she has a way of making them feel very real. She also has a way of making each of her books touching even when someone is trying to kill some one or another. It's best if you read all three of the books in order because there is a continually story that goes from one to the other. Happy reading!   

Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs

Image I'm a huge fan of Nina Bangs and have been ever since I read her first book. But besides her Gods of the Night series, which is my all time favorite, her Castle of Dark Dreams is right up there. The continually characters make this series. Who wouldn't be in love with Ganymede and Sparkle . They really help you to enjoy each story and bring much to the story line. But, it wouldn't be a story without the hero and heroine and in this story that would be Edge ( who I fell in love with from the time he was first introduced into the series. He's my all time favorite.) and Passion . Edge is a cosmic troublemaker and Passion is a Angel (or so she thinks) someone is out to take over the cosmic troublemakers and Edge and Passion are right in the middle of it. It turns into a fun ride with many powerful beings in the mix. This series is great for those who don't care for heavy, dark paranomals, but would like to try one. Happy reading! 

Sweet Spot by Kate Angell

Image I can not tell you how much I love Kate Angell's Richmond Rogue's series. She does a wonderful job of writing the men of this series the way you think they'd act. This time up we have James "Law" Lawless and Catherine "Cat" May . These two are perfect for each other. They both teach each other how to grow, and move on away from past hurts. Who would have thought one night, in costume at a adult bar could cause so many mixed feels. This is a wonderful story with many happy moments. The only thing I can think negative is that I will miss these guys. Angell does a great job at the end of the book to make sure you know what happens to each player. I could read dozens more books in this series. Happy reading!

Claim the Night by Rachel Lee

Image I've been reading Rachel Lee for a very long time and have loved her for just as long. I was so excited about this new series from her called The Claiming . Of course with the ton of books I have, it got pushed to the side. I finally read it and I have to say, I was very disappointed. I liked the characters, but did care for how she wrote the book. It seemed that you read 10 pages and the went back and read the same 10 pages. It was like the plot was in a circle of its own making and couldn't get out. The story could have been good if she could have pushed the story forward a little bit. You didn't really get to know either Jude Messenger or Theresa Black , even if you did like them. If you read Claim the Night let me know what you think about it. I'd like to hear a different opinion. Happy reading! 

Prey by Linda Howard

Image It's been a while since I've read a book by Linda Howard . Part of the reason is that I haven't been into romantic suspense in the last few years. But I was feeling it, so I picked it up. Once I started it I couldn't put it down. The characters are the type you'd like to know. It starts with Angie Powell putting her fathers wilderness business up for sale because she know longer has the clients she once had. They are all with Dare Callahan (Don't you love the name?) These two are mad at each other without really knowing why. Angie takes two clients out to the wilderness, with Dare following her as a favor to Angie's fathers best friend. What should have been a simple hunting trip turned into terror and pain. With Dare's help she gets to safety. Oh, did I mention the bear? What until you read about him. Howard gave him thoughts! Loved it! I really enjoyed Prey and now want to read her next book. Happy reading! 

Velvet Haven by Sophie Renwick

Image After looking at that cover you say to yourself, I've got to read that. I understand. It's a really good cover. I was first introduced to the Annwyn world with the book Highland Christmas , which gave you a taste of this new series. I liked reading Velvet Haven book 1 in the Immortals of Annwyn series, but at times I felt there were way to many characters and the plot became busy. Renwick writes dark and sexy which is a plus, but at times that can also cause you to loose the thread of the story. That being said, there are some really good moments within the book. And I loved the two main characters, Bran & Mairi . Happy reading! 

Must Love Vampires by Heidi Betts

Image Vampnapped      In Vampnapped reporter Charlotte "Chuck" Lamoreaux finds herself kidnapped by Sebastian Raines who thinks she's her twin sister Chloe . He soon finds out his mistake and it's not long before he's admitting that he's a vampire. The story is funny, cute and a easy read. Married...With Fangs      In Married...With Fangs you have Nightclub dancer Chloe Lamoreaux and Aidan Raines . These two care about each other but  Chloe worries that he'll figure out her secrets and no longer care, she also is  worried about her sister, who has disappeared. Of course Aidan has his own secrets, the major being he's a vampire. Betts writes very light, funny paranormal's. She's a good author to get your feet wet with. Happy reading!

Cheri On Top by Susan Donovan

Image Cheri on Top is a fun, easy read that at times makes you laugh or makes you mad. I really don't care for Cherise "Cheri" Newberry's sister in the book. (which will make her own book somewhat different) But you will love the rest of the characters. When Cheri is called home by her grandfather to help with the family business she knows she will have to deal with J J DeCourcy . Can she get past what has happened in their past? There is a good deal of humor in this book that I think you'll love. It's a must read. Happy reading! 

What Happens In Scotland by Jennifer McQuiston

Image I think the title tells you all you need to know about What Happens in Scotland . This is a funny, silly book that will make you think of the Hangover movies. Both Georgette Thorold and James McKenzie wake up not knowing what happened to them the night before, other then the fact that they were married. Afraid, Georgette runs out of the Inn's room without even knowing the mans name that she just spent the night with. Soon they both realize they need each other to figure out what happened to them, so that they can piece together the night before. Throw in a cousin who wants to marry the already married Georgette at any cost, and you have a great story. I will admit it took me a few pages to get into this but that changed quickly. It's a fun read. Happy reading!

The Darkness Beyond by Alexis Morgan

Image It has taken me a while to be able to pick up The Darkness Beyond , mostly because I knew the series has come to a end. There is one more book in the series, it's a ebk called Darkness on Fire . If you've never read a book by Alexis Morgan you are in for a treat. Her world is different and exciting. She writes about the Paladin's , a group of men that fight a alien race that wants to be in our world, but shouldn't. Up this time is D. J. Clayborne and Regina Morrison . Both are hacker that have been playing a game of computer tag for a while now, and finally they are going to meet. Once that happens their lives change forever. It's a wild ride that takes them to scary places, at least for one of them. Give her a try. Happy reading! 

By Sun and Candlelight by Susan Sizemore

Image By Sun and Candlelight is part of Sizemore's Primes Universe series. It takes place right after the book Dark Strangers . In fact, it carries on the story of Zoe Pappas and Matthia "Doc" Raven , the two main characters from Dark Strangers . I loved Dark Strangers and couldn't wait to read this novella. It was a cute story about what happened to them afterwards. You don't necessary have to read Dark Strangers to read By Sun and Candlelight , but you'd be missing something. If you've never tried Sizemore's Primes , give them a try. Good stories and characters. Happy reading!

Demon From The Dark by Kresley Cole

Image It seems for the last year or so I've been off of reading paranormal's. I think part of it was that I read so many. I'm now way behind on them, and I'm trying to catch up with some of my favorite authors. Kresley Cole world has always been a favorite of mine. I love her characters. They are sexy, funny and scary as hell. Her books each follow closely from the last one so when you do get behind it can take you a minute to catch up to what's going on. Demon From The Dark is the 11th book in the Immortals After Dark series. The story is about Malkom Slaine and Carrow Graie . Carrow is a witch who gets caught by the Order and is made to bring in demon/vampire Malkom for the Order to study. She has no choice but to do it. Of course falling in love with him never played into it. They have a lot too work out, and it takes them time to do so, but in the end, love wins out. I think you'll really enjoy this series. It's one of those that sho

Vampires Gone Wild by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista & Kim Falconer

Image You have to love any book with a title like this. Vampires Gone Wild is a collection of novella's by some of paranomal's best writers. V is for VampWoman by Kerrelyn Sparks      Up first is Sparks. This is part of her Love at Stake series. You don't have to have read her past books to enjoy this. In fact, this is a great way to try a new author. You'll very much enjoy Sparks humor and love that fly off the pages. A wonderful author that shouldn't be missed. A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer      This is novella is part of Palmer's Vamp City series. I have to tell you this story doesn't have a happy ending, mostly I think because the author is tying more then one book together with another. Even thought it doesn't have that HEA ending, it's a great story. This series is wonderful, a must read. The first book in the Vamp City series, A Blood Seduction

Fantasy In Death by J D Robb aka Nora Roberts

Image Fantasy In Death is book 30 in the Eve and Roarke in death series. With most series that run this long with two main characters you ask much long can it run? I'm hoping forever. I never read series with only two main characters. I like each book to be fresh and new. For some reason I can't stop with Eve and Roarke . I might be a little behind (you did see how many of these books she has, give a girl a break) but I can't seem to totally put them aside. With each book you learn more and more about the characters, not only about Eve and Roarke . Robb writes with a cast of many but she never seems to get you lost in the story. In Fantasy In Death , Eve is dealing with death and gamers. She needs all the help she can get in solving the crime. I will tell you one thing, I feel the series should be read in order. It's well worth it. Each book gives you more insight to a otherwise troubled character, Eve . It's a wonderful series of

Sex and the Single Fireman by Jennifer Bernard

Image Sex and the Single Fireman is book 3 of The Bachelor Fireman of San Gabriel . This is a wonderful series of hot, funny and loving fireman. Up this time is Rick Roman and Sabina Jones . Rick has moved from New York and isn't sure he'll fit into California. Sabina  has secrets in her closet that she'd rather never come out. From the second these two meet they want each other, badly. Sex and the Single Fireman has wonderful characters with a great plot. It's worth the read. You might feel somewhat lost if you don't read the books in order but you can still read this one without the others. I'm sure you'll want to read them all. Happy reading! 

Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl

Image Good Girls Don't is the start of a trilogy. It has all the sexiness and humor that Dahl is known for but, maybe a little bit of a busy plot. Of course the wonderful characters make up for that. In book one you meet Tessa Donovan and Luke Asher . Both have issues that they need to deal with, and they also need to learn to trust each other. The interaction between Tessa and Luke are fun to read. They play off each other beautifully. I did like that Dahl answers all the questions that are brought up in the story line. She doesn't make you feel like you're missing something. If you like naughty humor you'll love this book. It's a must read! Happy reading! 

Slow Summer Kisses by Shannon Stacey

Image I'm pretty new to reading Shannon Stacey . This is only the fourth book of hers I've read. The first book I read of hers was through book club, and I've been hooked ever since. She writes wonderful stories that grab you up and lose you into the story. She has a way of writing characters that allows you to identify with them. Slow Summer Kisses is about Anna Frazier and Cameron Mayfield . Both have met when they were children and didn't really care for each other. What will they think of each other as adults? Happy reading!  

Kiss of Surrender by Sandra Hill

Image There is one thing you always find in a book written by Hill , and that's humor. She has a way of making you laugh even when the scene is more serious. I think that's one of the things I love the most about her. Kiss of Surrender is book 2 in the Deadly Angels Series . The story is about Trond Sigurdsson , probably one of the most laziest Vangels, and Nicole Tasso . Nicole you meet in prior SEALs books. It was nice that Nicole finally was able to get her story. So much happens in this story, you are brought back to past characters of different series and you also enjoy new, fun characters. It's a must read. I would say that it would be best to read the first book in the Deadly Angels series, but you don't have to read the other past series to enjoy this one. Happy reading!