Must Love Vampires by Heidi Betts

     In Vampnapped reporter Charlotte "Chuck" Lamoreaux finds herself kidnapped by Sebastian Raines who thinks she's her twin sister Chloe. He soon finds out his mistake and it's not long before he's admitting that he's a vampire. The story is funny, cute and a easy read.

Married...With Fangs
     In Married...With Fangs you have Nightclub dancer Chloe Lamoreaux and Aidan Raines. These two care about each other but Chloe worries that he'll figure out her secrets and no longer care, she also is  worried about her sister, who has disappeared. Of course Aidan has his own secrets, the major being he's a vampire.

Betts writes very light, funny paranormal's. She's a good author to get your feet wet with. Happy reading!


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