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A Month at a Glance

Here's a quick peek at what's been going on with the blog this month in case you missed anything! Thanks for visiting and happy reading! ♡ 5/1/17 Review of The Untamed Vampire by Kate Baxter 5/2/17 Review of Happy is the Bride by L Wilde, C Johnson, K Pearce & J Dailey 5/3/17 Review of The Bad Luck Bride by Janna MacGregor 5/5/17 Review of Red Wolf by Jennifer Ashley 5/8/17 Review of Her Wish by Sophie H. Morgan 5/9/17 Review of Why Did It Have To Be You? by Allyson Charles 5/12/17 Review of Kiss of the Irish by Lauren Hawkeye 5/22/17 Review of Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione 5/29/17 Review for Toughest Cowboy in Texas by Carolyn Brown 5/4/17 Remember When 5/11/17 Clearing Off the Bookshelves 5/18/17 Get To Know Us 5/25/17 Reading Challenge

Release Blast & Giveaway: Lightstruck by Liz Crowe

LIGHTSTRUCK The Brewing Passion Series #2 Liz Crowe Releasing May 30, 2017 Totally Bound Brewer Ross has given up on love…until he meets a woman who turns his life—and brewery—upside down. Ross Hoffman held the potential for a perfect life in his hands—a life with Evelyn, the only woman he’d ever allowed himself to love, their baby and…her husband, Austin Fitzgerald, who also happened to be his best friend. But the challenge of trying to make a threesome into something acceptable—let alone the thought of actually sharing Evelyn with anyone—forces him to bolt. Determined to put all thoughts of their relationship behind him, Ross jumps headfirst into a new brewery job in Colorado, and back into the sort of sexual decadence that he hopes will distract him from his misery. When he agrees to assist Austin through a spate of brewery mishaps, he lays eyes on his true fate—in the for

Review & Giveaway: Toughest Cowboy in Texas by Carolyn Brown

  Title: TOUGHEST COWBOY IN TEXAS Author: Carolyn Brown Series: Happy, Texas #1 On Sale: May 30, 2017 Publisher: Forever Mass Market: $7.99 USD eBook: $6.99 USD Add to Goodreads   New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Carolyn Brown's begins an all-new series of rugged cowboys. “This is an emotional star-crossed lovers tale with tangible depths and an attitude that’s relatable to real life.” –RT Book Reviews Last time Lila Harris was in Happy, Texas, she was actively earning her reputation as the resident wild child. Now, a little older and wiser, she's back to run her mother's cafĂ© for the summer. Except something about this town has her itching to get a little reckless and rowdy, especially when she sees her old partner-in-crime, Brody Dawson. Their chemistry is just as hot as ever. But he's still the town's golden boy-and she's still the wrong kind of girl. Brody hasn't had much time lately for anything

To Love a Book Hero

I'm trying something knew here. I know when I read romances I look forward to a great hero. Of course he might not be perfect. But really, who is? But down deep where it counts he's a great, supportive loving man. I will every once in a while do these posts.   In the year 2139, fearless Tedra De Arr sets out to rescue her beleaguered planet Kystran from the savage rule of the evil Crad Ce Moerr. Experienced in combat but not in love, the beautiful, untouched Amazon flies with Martha, her wise-cracking, free-thinking computer, to a world where warriors reign supreme - and into the arms of the one man she can never hope to vanquish: the bronzed barbarian Challen Ly-San-Ter. A magnificent creature of raw yet disciplined desires, the muscle-bound primitive succeeds where no puny Kystran male had before - igniting a raging fire within Tedra that must be extinguished before she can even think of saving her enslaved world... Hero: Challen Ly-San-Ter I ca

Book Club Thursday: Reading Challenge 2017

Welcome back to Book Club Thursday! Today we are doing our... I picked from: TRICKY Read a book published before 2010 Read a book with a wedding  Read a book published in the month (not year) you were born Working Girls  Read a book set in your home state Read a book that includes nature on the cover  Read a book with a cover that you really don’t like (ugly) Read a book you once gave up on Read a book with a clever title Read a book that takes place in Winter Read a book that includes a Holiday Read a book set in/around New Orleans Read a book with a “Food” word in the title Read a book that includes a food item on the cover Read a book with a seasonal word in the title  I did... Read a book published in the month (not year) you were born Barely Breathing A Colorado High Country Novel #1 Pamela Clare May 7, 2016 Format: ebook Source: Purchased Lexi Jewell left Scarlet Springs twelve years ago, vowing neve