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ARC Review: Forged From Ice by Cynthia Eden

U.S. Marshal Titan Everett never loses his prey, and he always stays mission oriented. His latest mission? He’s working with a group of cold case solvers called the Ice Breakers—he’s chasing down a runaway witness, a woman who may be the key to solving a string of unsolved murders. Seems like a simple enough job. After the hell he’s seen, locating one Cassidy Jacobs, former kindergarten teacher, should be a walk in the park. She doesn’t want to be found. When you manage to escape from a twisted killer—who happened to be your boyfriend—you grab life by both hands and you hold on tight. You run like mad from danger, you reinvent yourself over and over, and you don’t look back. Ever. Unless, of course, the past comes barreling at you in the form of one truly massive and strong U.S. marshal. Titan is big, dangerous, and determined to bring Cassidy back home. He also has the most incredible eyes she’s ever seen and a voice that makes her whole body ache with longing…Problematic. Very. Becau

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