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Dire Wants by Stephanie Tyler

Image Can you say HOT cover? Looking at it makes the house feel steamy. I was lucky enough to win this on Goodreads . As I mention on my review over there I have a love hate relationship with this author. I sometimes find the books slow to read, but yet I can't stop myself from reading her. I do enjoy her characters. I also like how she sets up her story. Dire Wants is the third in the series. The first is a enovella Dire Warning which introduces the series. I find it's better to read them in order, but I do know people who can read a series out of order. I'm not a fan of that. I would give this author a try and decide for yourself how she is. Happy Reading!  

The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands & Jeaniene Frost

Image Since I'm a huge fan of Lynsay Sands there was no way I wasn't going to read this book. I've met Jeaniene Frost and she's a wonderful woman, but she writes in first person, and I'm not a big fan of that kind of writing. So I can't say that my reviewing her book would do it justices, so I'll just talk about Sands . This story is about Teddy Burnswick (who you meet in prior books) and Katricia Argeneau . It looks like Marguerite is at it with the matchmaking again, and we are happy. I love how Sands wrote this, because of the fact that Teddy is over sixty when the book starts. She doesn't make you feel like a old man going for a young woman. Their romance was fun to read. This is a wonderful holiday read. Happy reading!

Christmas Cash by Maggie Casper

Image This is perfect for a steamy holiday read. Cash is hot and you wouldn't mind sending time with him. No heated blanket needed to read this. I enjoyed it and wish the book was longer. This is the first time I've read Maggie Casper and Christmas Cash is the first in a series.  Happy reading!

Shout out to a favorite author

Image It's that time of the week where I do my shout out to a favorite author. I love Tuesdays for just that reason. As you can tell I love books, so being about to just tell you about a author I enjoy is fun for me. Just so you know Cynthia Eden has a new book out today call Angel In Chains . This is part of a series. I always like to tell people that, some, like me, like to read in order. I've been reading Eden's books for the last few years and can't remember one I didn't like. In fact, I liked her writing so much I got my niece hooked on her too. She writes paranormal, romantic suspense and has even started writing young adult. So there is something for everyone. So, pick up Angel in Chains today! Happy reading! 

When Lightning Strikes by Brenda Novak

Image For me Brenda Novak is a new author somewhat. I've read a story or two as novella's, but never a full book. When I saw that she was going to be writing a new series and it wasn't a suspense I became interested. I'm very much into contemporary romance at the moment, so I was looking forward to read it. When Lightning Strikes is a wonderful story about making changes in your life. It gives you a great balance of humor and touching moments. I would suggest that you start with the free enovella first, When we Touch, which introduce the characters to you. I hope you enjoy Gail and Simon as much as I did. Happy reading!

Avon Addicts Christmas Blog Hop!

For the past month Avon Addicts have been talking amongst ourselves about a Christmas Blog Hop. Little did we know that that month would fly by, now the time is upon us to initiate our first annual blog hop! Attached is our calendar, stop by the blog that corresponds with the day. Join us, you never know what prizes (and there will be many prizes)that you could win!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful time today with family and friends. I love this time of year for so many reasons. One, because I get to spend the next month doing things with my family. And two, because I can start reading my Christmas books. I usually start them today, but due to the fact I haven't finished the book I'm reading, When Lightening Strikes by Brenda Novak , I will start one next. Is there a holiday book that you are most looking forward to read? Happy reading!

Night's Captive by Cheyenne McCray

Image It's been a while since I've read anything by Cheyenne McCray . The last time was her Magic Series, which I loved. As I got into Night's Captive I found that I really liked her new Dark Enforcers series, and can't wait to read more. Who wouldn't like to tell someone what they'd like in a man, and for their life, and have that man walk off the pages of a book? I know I'd love it. I think this series is very fresh and a must read. Alec and Loni are magic together, literally. I really can't wait to see who's story is next. Happy reading!

Shout Out To A Favorite Author

Image It's that time again. Here's this weeks shout out. We are giving a shout out to author Shelly Laurenston aka G A Aiken . It doesn't matter who she writes as, she always hits it out of the park. When I read one of her books I start to feel like the humor in it is getting to be to much, out of nowhere, she writes the funniest scene and I find myself laughing. She is not the type of author that you can drink liquids while reading her. When she writes as Shelly Laurenston,  she writes a contemporary paranormal. And then, when she writes as G A Aiken, she writes historical paranormal. Both her series have a order to them so it's best to check out her website before buying any. For those of you who are not into paranormal's this is the author who might change your mind.  Happy reading!  

Bet You'll Marry Me by Darlene Panzera

Image As I write this I'm really not sure what to say. You see, I both liked and disliked this book. I know that sounds weird but I'm just not sure how I feel exactly. There were parts that were very well written, but others made me shake my head. I think part of the problem is that she had way to many characters, and it needed more pages to fill them out. Because of her having too many characters, you felt like you didn't really get to know them. Of course I'm not saying that you shouldn't give it a try. I do feel that in its whole, its not bad. I did like it enough that I'll try another by her. I know, a confusing review of this book. Now you know how I feel. Happy reading! 

A Very Private Merger by Day Leclaire

Image This is the final book in the Kincaids  series. These books must be read in order due to the fact that there is a story line that runs throughout all 6 books. I started reading this series because the first book in the series is by Kathie DeNosky, a favorite author of mine to read, so after I read her book, I was hooked. I'm glad I was because this ended up being a wonderful series with great characters. The series ends with Jack and Nikki's story which will tie up all the loose ends. I haven't often read books by Day Leclaire , but found her writing easy to read. Hats off to all the authors of this series, each book went into the next seamlessly. Which to me is important if you going to write in a series where you have to write other authors characters. If you're looking for some fast, easy reads, then this series is for you. Happy reading!

The Last Boyfriend by Nora Roberts

Image I was happy to tear into the 2nd book in the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy . It picks up where the first book, The Next Always ends. You have Clare and Beckett getting married, the Inn being finished, and Avery & Owen getting together. Let's not forget about Lizzy. In this book you find out more about the Inn's ghost, and what she's looking for. It's cute how Avery and Owen rekindled their boyfriend and girlfriend relationship. Of course the were very young when they first got together,  which added a very touching moment when you learn there is a ring involved. There are both good and bad surprises within the story and it makes you want to read the next one The Perfect Hope , out now, to see what happens next. Happy reading! 

Shout Out to A Favorite Author

Image Today's shout out goes to Julie Garwood.  I've been reading her books for years and have to say, I love them. Some have been better than others, but in general, she's a wonderful author. I was thrilled when I met her years back, when she was touring for Heartbreaker. She was funny and charming, two things that you find in her books. She's had many characters and books that I've loved, but my favorite book and character is Brodick Buchanan . I fell in love with him when he was in The Secret, and was so happy when he got his own book. Ransom is one of those books that I can reread over and over again. If you haven't tried it, it's well worth the read. Happy reading!

Avon Addicts Blog Hop

I'm lucky enough to be involved with some wonderful ladies as a Avon Addict . This Christmas season,  Avon Addicts are going to be doing a wonderful giveaway that starts on December 1st . We are doing a blog hop that will bring you from blog to blog and allow you to enter to win wonderful giveaways. Please keep reading my blog so that you'll know what's going on, and when. Good luck to those who enter. Happy reading!

Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley

Image In the past year or so I haven't been reading as many paranormal romances as I have in the past. There are few I keep up on, and one of those few is Jennifer Ashley's Shifters Unbound Series. I very much enjoy them. She has been able to make her world slightly different then everyone else so that you get a feeling of something new. Mate Claimed is Eric Warden and Iona Duncan's story. I advise you to read these books in order to enhance the storyline that runs through all the rest. The book can be read on it's own, but I prefer to read them in order. Now, I'm off to pick a new book. Happy reading! 


How many of you are like me and have gone from a to-be-read pile, to a to-be-read bookcase after bookcase? I've always read, since the time I was young, but it wasn't until after I got married and my daughter started school that I started reading again hot and heavy. I would talk with other mothers as we waited for your kids and the next thing I knew, I found other mothers out there who liked to read. More and more I was out looking for the books we talked about, and I found a wonderful used bookstore. Years later I was hired there. By this time I couldn't wait for others to return the books I wanted so badly so I was ordering new. There were months that I was buying over 20 books a month. Now, I have four bookshelves full of books. Well over 500 books that I need to read. Will that ever happen? Doubtful. I will try my best to make sure I can get as many done but it's hard. Even harder since I don't seem to be able to stop buying more. So how big is your to-be-read

What To Buy!

Image Yesterday, my wonderful BFF dropped off my copy of RT Book Reviews that she picked up for me. If you don't get this magazine, then you're missing out on  something. Every month I get a copy so that I can see what's coming out the next month. It also tells me what the books are about, always helpful when you're picking books to buy. For me, the magazine is a great way to find new authors. I do read the reviews, but like all reviews, I take them with a grain of salt. After looking at the RT from cover to cover, I have picked a few books that I really can't wait for. Here's my list. A Seal At Heart: Anne Elizabeth Running Wild: Linda Howard & Linda Jones Heart of Atlantis: Alyssa Day Angel In Chains: Cynthia Eden Kiss of Surrender: Sandra Hill Wild About You: Kerrelyn Sparks I would like to say that these are not the only books I want for next month. No such luck. I just don't want to bore you with the whole list. What

The Better to Bite by Cynthia Eden

Image If you're a fan of Cynthia Eden, then you know she's a great paranormal and romantic suspense author. She has now moved into writing YA books too. I have read many of her other books, but I'm not a huge fan of YA so I haven't read this one. Of course her being so good I'm sure it is too. Happy reading! 

Kindred In Death by J D Robb

Image I've just finished reading Kindred In Death by J D Robb.  For a while I stopped reading the in death books, and allowed myself to get behind on them. I think sometimes we just get so overwhelmed by all the books we buy, and want to read, that some of our favorite authors slip through the cracks. I very much enjoyed this book and love the way that Robb, (aka Nora Roberts)  has such a talent with words. She weaves a story that you get lost in, and makes you feel like you're there with the characters. I also enjoyed that I got to spend time with the wonderful characters she has come up with. If you haven't ever read her, you are really missing out. I would tell you that the stories are much better if you read them in order. So many of the characters go from book to book and you get to know them better with each story. I've picked up Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley  to read next. I will soon tell you about my thoughts on it. Happy reading!   

Who Likes To Reread a Favorite Book?

I have to admit I do. I love picking up one of my favorite book and spending the afternoon rereading it. Most of the time, if I reread a book, I will pick a part of the book that I like the most, and start there. One of my favorites to do this with is Julie Garwood's Ransom. All of her books are worth a reread, but Ransom  is my favorite. I just love the characters, and the way they interact with each other. Garwood  writes with a ton of humor in her books that makes you laugh as you read them. If you haven't read her before, you have to be careful. You can read Ransom  as a stand alone but, it goes with other books and is more enjoyable if you read them in order. What's your favorite book to reread? Happy Reading! 


As you all know, I love Sundays when I have nothing to do. Today is one of those days. I have the house to myself, and a good book to read. Who needs more? As you know I'm reading Kindred in Death by J D Robb . I'm hoping to be done with it today. So what's everyone else reading? Happy reading!

Starting a new book

I started reading a new book today. I pick Kindred In Death by J. D. Robb . I love her books and was kind of shocked that I let myself get so far behind on them. I think it's because of all the new authors I've add to my 'must read'  list. I'm working hard to get caught up. That's why I picked this book to read. I'm not very far into it yet, but I can tell you I've been enjoying it. She's always been a easy author to read. I love how she uses words to paint the full picture. Because I don't like to read books back-to-back, I'm hoping to read this one, and the next one out, by the end of this year. If I end up getting another read too, I'll even be happier. Happy reading!  

November's Book Club

I've just gotten home from this month's book club and I had a wonderful time. We had so much food, I'm not sure I can move. Let's not forget about the wonderful drinks one of the ladies made. They made us all happy. This month we read The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler . We had a very lively conversation about it. I love when we can talk and talk about a book. Not having much to say, makes for a boring meeting. After we talked about the club book, we enjoyed talking about some of the other books we've read since our last club meeting. We've already picked our December book which is,  A Maverick for the Holiday's by Leanne Banks.  Now I have to pick a new book to read for tonight. What's everyone else reading? Happy reading! 

To buy or not to buy

I don't know about you, but with November here, and Thanksgiving around the corner, I have to sometimes justify the books I want to buy. There's  a little voice in my ear saying, 'that money could have gone towards a Christmas present'. I hate  that voice, so does my heart. You see, my heart is also yelling, and very loudly if I must say, for all the wonderful books that are coming out. Here's a few I'm wanting very badly. A Wedding in Apple Grove: C H Admirand The Perfect Hope: N Roberts Rescue My Heart: J Shalvis. (Plus one reissue of hers too) Nauti Temptress: L Leigh When Snow Falls: B Novak I also have a few Christmas ones I want too. A Maverick for the Holidays: L Banks A Holiday to Remember: H Myers A Angel For Christmas: H Graham (reissue) Naughty & Nice: R Knox, M O'Keefe & S Sloane So you can see my dilemma. This list doesn't include the books that I have on my buy later list. So which books are you going to buy that make