Shout Out To A Favorite Author

It's that time again. Here's this weeks shout out. We are giving a shout out to author Shelly Laurenston aka G A Aiken. It doesn't matter who she writes as, she always hits it out of the park. When I read one of her books I start to feel like the humor in it is getting to be to much, out of nowhere, she writes the funniest scene and I find myself laughing. She is not the type of author that you can drink liquids while reading her. When she writes as Shelly Laurenston, she writes a contemporary paranormal. And then, when she writes as G A Aiken, she writes historical paranormal. Both her series have a order to them so it's best to check out her website before buying any. For those of you who are not into paranormal's this is the author who might change your mind. Happy reading!  


  1. She is one of my faves, especially when you need a laugh. One of my bff's turned me on to her and now she's an auto-buy.


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