Review: Ignite on Contact by Jaci Burton

Relationships. Firefighter Rafe Donovan avoids them whenever possible. He loves dating women, but he makes sure they know upfront that he's in it for fun, great sex and nothing more.

Fun. As an ER nurse and official caretaker of her disabled grandfather, Carmen Lewis doesn't have time for fun. But Rafe has been there for Carmen--and her grandfather--time and again, and he's clearly interested in her. She knows he's a player, but she's tempted by his charm and incredible body. And maybe a little fun isn't a bad thing, as long as she keeps her heart away from this fiery game she's enjoying with a very hot man.

Love. It doesn't take Rafe long to realize that until now he's only been playing at romance. With Carmen, he feels searing passion and heart-tugging emotion for the first time. Now he has to convince Carmen that what they have together is the real deal.
We are back with the Donovan's and I'm so happy. I really enjoy this family. I've always liked the interaction of brothers and how they react to each other. They yell, fight and move on. Sisters don't always do that. 

Up this time we have Rafe Donovan. Sexy Rafe. He's a great guy who likes to enjoy women. He's not a player but he also doesn't seem like the type to settle down very soon. He's enjoying life. Or he was until he gets hurt and can't work. 

It's like death to Rafe. He lives for his work. 

There's were Carmen comes in. She's their next-door neighbor, friend and ER nurse. Since she lives so close she makes sure that Rafe does what he should be doing and relax. 

I really like Carmen. She has a few issues with men because of her ex but other than that she's a hard-working ER nurse that does her job and loves those around her. At the moment for her, the most important person in her life is her grandfather. She has done a fantastic job of helping him recover and get better. You can really feel the love between grandfather and granddaughter. 

Her grandfather is also well-liked by the Donovan boys. It's sweet how Rafe helps out and fixes a few things over at their house for them. What I liked about that is yes he did it because he was really into Carmen by then but he also did it because he really likes her grandfather. 

Besides a wonderful romance between Rafe and Carmen (her grandfather has one going too) you also will enjoy the relationship between the brothers and what they mean to each other and how they handle those feelings. 

As a whole, I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I've liked the series so far. I would say to read the books in order because I think it helps to understand the layers of the Donovan boys. If you read the first one it will help make this one even better. You'll get to have a great weekend with your Saturday and Sunday reads.

Do you read Jaci Burton and if so what's your favorite book of hers? 


  1. Glad to hear you had such a fun time with this one, gotta love this author.

    1. I did. Her books always have double dose of humor and romance. My kind of books.

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