How many of you are like me and have gone from a to-be-read pile, to a to-be-read bookcase after bookcase? I've always read, since the time I was young, but it wasn't until after I got married and my daughter started school that I started reading again hot and heavy. I would talk with other mothers as we waited for your kids and the next thing I knew, I found other mothers out there who liked to read. More and more I was out looking for the books we talked about, and I found a wonderful used bookstore. Years later I was hired there. By this time I couldn't wait for others to return the books I wanted so badly so I was ordering new. There were months that I was buying over 20 books a month. Now, I have four bookshelves full of books. Well over 500 books that I need to read. Will that ever happen? Doubtful. I will try my best to make sure I can get as many done but it's hard. Even harder since I don't seem to be able to stop buying more. So how big is your to-be-read pile? Happy reading!


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