Kindred In Death by J D Robb

Kindred in Death (In Death Series #29)

I've just finished reading Kindred In Death by J D Robb. For a while I stopped reading the in death books, and allowed myself to get behind on them. I think sometimes we just get so overwhelmed by all the books we buy, and want to read, that some of our favorite authors slip through the cracks. I very much enjoyed this book and love the way that Robb, (aka Nora Roberts) has such a talent with words. She weaves a story that you get lost in, and makes you feel like you're there with the characters. I also enjoyed that I got to spend time with the wonderful characters she has come up with. If you haven't ever read her, you are really missing out. I would tell you that the stories are much better if you read them in order. So many of the characters go from book to book and you get to know them better with each story. I've picked up Mate Claimed by Jennifer Ashley to read next. I will soon tell you about my thoughts on it. Happy reading!   


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