To buy or not to buy

I don't know about you, but with November here, and Thanksgiving around the corner, I have to sometimes justify the books I want to buy. There's  a little voice in my ear saying, 'that money could have gone towards a Christmas present'. I hate that voice, so does my heart. You see, my heart is also yelling, and very loudly if I must say, for all the wonderful books that are coming out. Here's a few I'm wanting very badly.

A Wedding in Apple Grove: C H Admirand
The Perfect Hope: N Roberts
Rescue My Heart: J Shalvis. (Plus one reissue of hers too)
Nauti Temptress: L Leigh
When Snow Falls: B Novak

I also have a few Christmas ones I want too.

A Maverick for the Holidays: L Banks
A Holiday to Remember: H Myers
A Angel For Christmas: H Graham (reissue)
Naughty & Nice: R Knox, M O'Keefe & S Sloane

So you can see my dilemma. This list doesn't include the books that I have on my buy later list. So which books are you going to buy that make the little voice in your ear say...Do you really need that now?


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