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Angel In Chains by Cynthia Eden

It's that time of the week where I do my shout out to a favorite author. I love Tuesdays for just that reason. As you can tell I love books, so being about to just tell you about a author I enjoy is fun for me. Just so you know Cynthia Eden has a new book out today call Angel In Chains. This is part of a series. I always like to tell people that, some, like me, like to read in order. I've been reading Eden's books for the last few years and can't remember one I didn't like. In fact, I liked her writing so much I got my niece hooked on her too. She writes paranormal, romantic suspense and has even started writing young adult. So there is something for everyone. So, pick up Angel in Chains today! Happy reading! 


  1. I love her books too. It was nice meeting her at RT this year. This book is on my buy list.

  2. I enjoy seeing her at RT too. She's very nice. I'm getting this book also. Can't go without.


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