Who Likes To Reread a Favorite Book?

I have to admit I do. I love picking up one of my favorite book and spending the afternoon rereading it. Most of the time, if I reread a book, I will pick a part of the book that I like the most, and start there. One of my favorites to do this with is Julie Garwood's Ransom. All of her books are worth a reread, but Ransom is my favorite. I just love the characters, and the way they interact with each other. Garwood writes with a ton of humor in her books that makes you laugh as you read them. If you haven't read her before, you have to be careful. You can read Ransom as a stand alone but, it goes with other books and is more enjoyable if you read them in order. What's your favorite book to reread? Happy Reading! 


  1. I love rereading favorite books also, although I haven't done that too much the last couple of years. Some of my favorite authors to reread are J. Krentz, S. Sala, and L. Howard. Each author has more than 1 book I have reread. But the book I think I have reread the most is One Summer by K. Robards. It wasn't the best romantic suspense story I have ever read, but the hero overcame so much, it always had me rooting for him. That book and the novella The Way Home by Howard are my all time favorites and both tug at my heartstrings.

  2. Those are authors I like to reread too. I haven't reread Ransom this year because I can't find where I packed it away.


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