To Love a Book Hero

I'm trying something knew here. I know when I read romances I look forward to a great hero. Of course he might not be perfect. But really, who is? But down deep where it counts he's a great, supportive loving man. I will every once in a while do these posts.  

In the year 2139, fearless Tedra De Arr sets out to rescue her beleaguered planet Kystran from the savage rule of the evil Crad Ce Moerr.

Experienced in combat but not in love, the beautiful, untouched Amazon flies with Martha, her wise-cracking, free-thinking computer, to a world where warriors reign supreme - and into the arms of the one man she can never hope to vanquish: the bronzed barbarian Challen Ly-San-Ter.

A magnificent creature of raw yet disciplined desires, the muscle-bound primitive succeeds where no puny Kystran male had before - igniting a raging fire within Tedra that must be extinguished before she can even think of saving her enslaved world...

Hero: Challen Ly-San-Ter

I can still remember reading this for the first time. I hadn't read that many futuristic's at the time so I wasn't sure what to think going in. I can tell you one thing, Warrior Woman started my love of aliens & futuristic's. From that day forward I didn't shy away from those types of books anymore. What I loved about Challen was how much he was so stuck in his ways. He didn't want to give at all, even when he was wrong. Now you'd think I wouldn't like that about him, but instead it made him more real. It might have taken a while for him to change his ways but when he did, he did it big time. And since we see how their relationship is in their children's books, you'll find him still strong & sexy with a big caring heart. Plus the way the man disciplines his need to read the book to know! 

Now it's your turn, tell me a favorite hero of yours. 


  1. Oh, I LOVED this book. And like you, I think this was one of my first futuristic romances, if not THE first. Now I want to find my copy for a re-read.

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I'd love to reread this. I just might have to.

  2. I still need to try her. Hmmm on his discipline. :D

  3. Gun post. Would you believe I haven't read this yet?

  4. Gun post. Would you believe I haven't read this yet?


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