Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs


I'm a huge fan of Nina Bangs and have been ever since I read her first book. But besides her Gods of the Night series, which is my all time favorite, her Castle of Dark Dreams is right up there. The continually characters make this series. Who wouldn't be in love with Ganymede and Sparkle. They really help you to enjoy each story and bring much to the story line. But, it wouldn't be a story without the hero and heroine and in this story that would be Edge ( who I fell in love with from the time he was first introduced into the series. He's my all time favorite.) and Passion. Edge is a cosmic troublemaker and Passion is a Angel (or so she thinks) someone is out to take over the cosmic troublemakers and Edge and Passion are right in the middle of it. It turns into a fun ride with many powerful beings in the mix. This series is great for those who don't care for heavy, dark paranomals, but would like to try one. Happy reading! 


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