Fantasy In Death by J D Robb aka Nora Roberts


Fantasy In Death is book 30 in the Eve and Roarke in death series. With most series that run this long with two main characters you ask much long can it run? I'm hoping forever. I never read series with only two main characters. I like each book to be fresh and new. For some reason I can't stop with Eve and Roarke. I might be a little behind (you did see how many of these books she has, give a girl a break) but I can't seem to totally put them aside. With each book you learn more and more about the characters, not only about Eve and Roarke. Robb writes with a cast of many but she never seems to get you lost in the story. In Fantasy In Death, Eve is dealing with death and gamers. She needs all the help she can get in solving the crime. I will tell you one thing, I feel the series should be read in order. It's well worth it. Each book gives you more insight to a otherwise troubled character, Eve. It's a wonderful series of well written books that leaves you wanting more. Happy reading! 


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