Claim the Night by Rachel Lee

Claim the Night (Harlequin Nocturne Series #127)

I've been reading Rachel Lee for a very long time and have loved her for just as long. I was so excited about this new series from her called The Claiming. Of course with the ton of books I have, it got pushed to the side. I finally read it and I have to say, I was very disappointed. I liked the characters, but did care for how she wrote the book. It seemed that you read 10 pages and the went back and read the same 10 pages. It was like the plot was in a circle of its own making and couldn't get out. The story could have been good if she could have pushed the story forward a little bit. You didn't really get to know either Jude Messenger or Theresa Black, even if you did like them. If you read Claim the Night let me know what you think about it. I'd like to hear a different opinion. Happy reading! 


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