Vampires Gone Wild by Kerrelyn Sparks, Pamela Palmer, Amanda Arista & Kim Falconer

Vampires Gone Wild

You have to love any book with a title like this. Vampires Gone Wild is a collection of novella's by some of paranomal's best writers.

V is for VampWoman by Kerrelyn Sparks
     Up first is Sparks. This is part of her Love at Stake series. You don't have to have read her past books to enjoy this. In fact, this is a great way to try a new author. You'll very much enjoy Sparks humor and love that fly off the pages. A wonderful author that shouldn't be missed.

A Forever Love by Pamela Palmer
     This is novella is part of Palmer's Vamp City series. I have to tell you this story doesn't have a happy ending, mostly I think because the author is tying more then one book together with another. Even thought it doesn't have that HEA ending, it's a great story. This series is wonderful, a must read. The first book in the Vamp City series, A Blood Seduction was my favorite book of 2012.

First Dates Are Hell by Amanda Arista 
     This is the first time I've read Arista. I enjoyed her story but not as much as the first two in the series but to be fair, that's most likely because I already read those authors.

Blood and Water by Kim Falconer
     Unfortunately I'm not a fan of 1st person written books so I didn't read this story. I didn't think it was fair to read something when I'm going into it knowing I won't like it. I'm sure the author writes a wonderful story.

Vampires Gone Wild is well worth reading. It is out on February 13th 2013. Happy reading!  


  1. I read anything that has a story by Kerrelyn Sparks in it. She writes humorous and romantic paranormal stories. i love that all her books are connected in some way. You wish you were part of the story.

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