Ghost Shadow by Heather Graham

Ghost Shadow (Bone Island Series #1)

If you enjoy romantic suspense with a little paranormal thrown in, you'll love Heather Graham. She has a way of writing very busy stories, with many characters, but have you never getting lost in the story. Something I think shows a true writer. In Ghost Shadow, the first in the Bone Island trilogy you meet Katie O'Hara and David Beckett. They are the main characters, but there is many secondary characters that help you to be drawn into the story. Lets not forget there is also many ghosts, in fact, one of the ghost who's almost a main character is Bartholomew. He really helped make the story what it is. Katie O'Hara plans to buy a museum, that is until David Beckett shows up and stops her plans. You'd think that would cause her to hate him, but instead it pushes her into helping him solve the murder of his ex-girlfriend, who's body was found years earlier at the family museum. There are many twist and turns in the story, and at times you think the killer is this person or that, but Graham keeps you guessing till the end. Happy reading!  


  1. These books are comfort reads to me. Love Heather.

  2. She is a easy read. I'm made at myself for getting behind. My plan is to catch up. Somewhat. :)


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