Once Tempted by Laura Moore

Once Tempted by Laura Moore


I was very lucky to receive this as a ARC. I'm a fan of Laura Moore's so it wasn't a chore to read it. This is a first in the Silver Creek series and is about Ward Knowles who's family owns a ranch in California, and Tess Casari from New York City. After the death of her husband Tess leaves New York for new surroundings and ends up on the Silver Creek Ranch where she lands a job. Ward isn't happy about this new arrangement, but has no control over who his mother hires. Soon both Tess and Ward no longer feel like being enemies and become a whole lot more. Of course this wouldn't be a great romance without past secrets coming out to ruin a good relationship. I enjoyed the beginning of this series and look forward to the next book. Its out on March 26th! Happy reading!  


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