Cherished by Maya Banks & Lauren Dane


I want to start off by saying if you're not a fan of multiple partners then this isn't the book for you.

Exiled by Maya Banks
      The story is about Talia Montforte & Prince Alexander Carrera. When she was young the Prince fell for her and wanted her. He brings her to his island where he teachers her the ways of pleasing a man. Part of that pleasing is to be with his three body guards.

Sway by Lauren Dane
     This story is about Levi Warner & Daisy Huerta. Levi meets Daisy at a dance class his soon to be sister-in-law asks him to take. They soon start to sizzle together even though he feels that she doesn't fit into his lifestyle.

I have to say that for a book that's erotic romance I felt it was only so-so on the sex. I didn't hate either of the stories but I can tell you they wouldn't make my keeper shelve. I had issues with the ages of the girls. My own kid is older then them. Because both authors made a point of the age differences it made the book a little dirty. If you've read Cherished I'd like to her your opinion. Happy reading!


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