Wolf With Benefits by Shelly Laurenston

Wolf with Benefits


I was lucky enough to receive this as a ARC. You most likely heard me screaming when I did. :) As a fan of Shelly Laurenston all I can tell you is that you've never read another author like her before. She has a way of putting humor and violence together and making a great story. Whenever I recommend her books to someone, I always tell them that they should remember that the people in the books are animals first, humans second. At times they act very much the animal. In Wolf With Benefits you meet Toni Jean-Louis Parker. She has spent her life helping her parents raise their nine children and has gotten very good at making schedules and keeping everyone in check. Life is good until she meets a wolf named Ricky Lee Reed. Ricky Lee reminds her of all the things she missing in life. Next thing she knows she's seeing the wolf and finds herself with a new job that she's not even sure she wants. You really need to try this book when it comes out. You have enough time to start reading all the books in the Pride series, I promise you'll love them. Wolf With Benefits is out on March 26th from Kensington Publishing. Happy reading! 


  1. Laurenston is my go to author when I need a laugh. And there is a sexy bear that I am still in love with. lol I can't wait until my copy arrives! The bad part...I read it in one day and have to wait so long for the next one.

  2. You will love this one. Lots of characters are back. And she added some good new ones. I loved it and might have to read it again.

  3. She is great, Lisa. You'll really enjoy this one too.


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