Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh


Tangle of Need is the 11th book in the PSY/Changeling series. Each of the books move the core story along so these are better if you read them in order. Of all her stories this was one of her busier plots. It had many characters, more then one with the first name starting with the letter A. Confusing at times. I think that because of how busy the plot was, it took away a little from the story. Of course saying that didn't mean I didn't enough the story, because I did. Singh has a way of wording her stories that make you fall in love with her people and world. She writes strong characters, with a hint of humor that adds to their appeal. Up this time is Adria & Riaz's story. It turns out that Riaz should be mated to another woman and Adria love life isn't much better. Can these two find love with each other, even though they aren't a mated pair? You'll have to read the book and find out. :) Happy reading!


  1. I like these books a lot, but I have a problem with one item that I will discuss at a later date with you. The cover wasn't the best either. But another good story


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