A Week on the Blog

The week flew by. We've been having some nice weather along with cold and rain so we can't win. My only hope is that one day soon spring will be here. 


I really enjoyed Real Men Claim here's the link Held by the Hawk is a great book here's that link and the last book I reviewed was Man Down here's the link All three books are wonderful and well worth the read. They are all from the series so you might want to start them from the beginning. 

Do you feel there is a difference between romance and women's fiction?

It wasn't bad but just nothing exciting. Here's the link for that post so you can see just how exciting my life is. Ha! 

2/20/23 Touched by Ice by Cynthia Eden
2/23/23 Sacrificed to the Dragon by Jessie Donovan
I might add another review in there also we'll see how lazy I am


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