Book Review: Held by the Hawk by Bella Drake

FBI agent Ramon Delgado is fiercely protective of his extended family. A hawk shifter, and eldest son of the flock's leader, it's not just his nature but his duty. When he discovers a young cousin has gatecrashed a party at the lion’s den, he can only hope to get him out before blood is spilled. The very last thing he expects to find when he enters the fray is his beautiful fated mate.

Lion shifter Seraphina Brown is fed up with her lazy brother causing trouble. When a few young hawks gatecrash her sister's birthday, she’s intent on throwing them out before her brother discovers what they are. But when an FBI agent shows up to defuse the situation and arrests him, she has bigger problems. How is she supposed to explain to her family that her fated mate is a hawk?

Torn between family feud and their one chance at love, she faces even more danger when her belligerent brother takes it upon himself to remove the handsome hawk once and for all. With her life on the line, Seraphina must choose between family pride and a love that fate ordained.

Can love triumph over prejudice or will this romance break more than hearts?
This a new author that I found last year and I was so happy that I did. I really enjoyed Held by the Hawk. Both Seraphina and Ramon are wonderful people. Plus you get to visit with the rest of the team. 

Who doesn't love a good family feud? I know I do. The problems between the two groups go deep. Way deeper than this or the past generations. Some things are hard to let go of. But let go they must because Roman and Seraphina are mates. 

Roman's family has a much easier time with this. Seraphina's family comes around and you think all will work out for these two when her brother does something stupid. 

It might not be an easy road for these two but they love each other and work together to be happy. I really think you'll enjoy how these two come together. Because of the short page count the books move faster than that a mass-market book but with it being paranormal that's okay. It works here. I felt I got to know all the characters and didn't feel cheated at all. It really made me look forward to the next book in the series.  


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