My Week

Here's a bit on how my week went

I haven't been reading as much this past week. That's on me. Other than reading J. D. Robb I only really tried one new author. Liked the book and I will be reviewing it in my Reading Challenge. Right now I'm reading ab ARC by Cynthia Eden which I'm loving and will be reviewing this week also, Other than that, not much read. I'm kinda sad about that. 

My Blog
Color me bad. I've been behind on my blog stuff because my internet has been pissing me off so I get angry and end up shutting down the computer and walking away rather than throwing my laptop across the room. I am going to have my daughter check the computer and make sure that's not the issue. Either way, I've been pissed. 

I've caught up on a few of my cooking shows. I also hit a few of the shows I like and watched them. Lately, I haven't been really cleaning out my DVR. I've just been watching old shows that are like comfort watches. I think both reading and TV watching are just on a downhill road right now. I'm sure next month will be better. 

This week I tried a new recipe called French Onion Skillet Gnocchi. I love both French onion soup and Gnocchi so how could I lose, right! Wrong! It was horrible. Couldn't eat any of it. Two things I really love came together to make crap! I ended up eating P&J for dinner. It's a lot of work cutting up and cooking down onions. After all, that do not like it I was just done. Making a sandwich was about all I could do. Plus, it wasn't a cheap meal to just throw away. I'm sure we've all gone through that happening to us. It's the only way to find the winners. 

The Weekend
Not much happening this weekend. I plan to make breakfast for dinner because, why not. I'm reading the ARC by Cynthia Eden so I can review it. My brother-in-law is coming over on Saturday to work on my basement. I'm finally fixing it up and I'll visit with my sister for a bit while he's here. Other than that a pretty low-key weekend.  

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


  1. It can always be rough when you can't read as much as you would like to though! Hope this week you are able to read more!

    1. Me too. My last few books have been better. I'm moving at a better clip.


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