Book Review: Real Men Claim by Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

Fate hasn’t been kind to Trina Edgecomb. When her fated mate died on their honeymoon, she was left to face a long and bleak life utterly alone. Of course, as the healer to a very rambunctious wolf pack, she’s never truly alone, but nothing will ever ease her crushing solitude.

Rogue wolf Max Kincaid has only one purpose: To bring down the developer who destroyed his pack and his life. He’s tracked the man to the small town of Tremble, Georgia, and he’s just waiting for his moment to strike. Except, before he can fulfill his destiny, he’s ambushed in the woods and left to die.

When Trina finds Max on death’s doorstep, a spark she thought was long dead stirs to life and she realizes that she’s somehow found her fated mate. How was it even possible to have two in a lifetime? But the bigger question is whether a rogue wolf can integrate into an established pack. That’s assuming the Soren pack alpha won’t banish him on sight.
If you've been following my reviews then you know how much I really enjoy books by Celia Kyle. May she be writing alone or with others. The Real Men Shift series is one that I've enjoyed. 

Like the previous books I really enjoyed Real Men Claim. You are happy that Trina is able to find the one person she's supposed to be with after her heartbreak. Before Max came into her life she was sad and alone in a world of so many. 

Max has a past that would make anyone sad. He has lost his pack and will do anything to make those responsible be punished. What with all he's been through I don't think finding his fated mate was something he thought was in the cards for him. 

You won't be able to not feel for these two people. Both have sad pasts but the future can be so much better only if everything can be worked out. Trina worries that her pack won't be able to accept Max and Max can't seem to get out of his pain to help himself. 

Such a great story. One that pulls you in and keeps you there. By the end of the story, you can't wait for the next one. Like with many shifter stories, they fall hard and fast for each other and become a unit almost from the beginning. With any other type of book this wouldn't have worked and you couldn't trust their feelings but with shifters, it's kind of a given. Plus with the shorter page count, the authors have to make everything happen faster but still give you a good story. I think it happened here. 


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