My Week

Here's a bit on how my week went

I've been reading a bunch until I hit midweek then I couldn't get into anything. This happens sometimes when I've been enjoying the books I've been reading. I have any ARC do so I have to get into it soon. I also started reading the Breeds books so that I can get ahead of them. 

My Blog
Not much new happening there. Don't forgot that May is around the corner and our read along for Lora Leigh's Breed series is starting. Here's the link to join us. We'd love for you to. Here's the link for the post that tells you all about it. 

I've been pretty lazy with my watching. I've been letting episodes of Sister Boniface Mysteries and Brokenwood Mysteries add up so I can binge watch them. I've also been watching Love it or List it. I never watched it before, so I wanted to try it. I'll keep watching it but I have to say that sometimes the couples on this show have no idea what it cost to do anything around the house or know what it cost to buy a new home. Crazy, right?

I haven't felt like cooking much. I did make a favorite of ours called Italian Sausage Rigatoni. I will admit I don't like the rigatoni in this recipe, so I changed the pasta, and it turned out even better. Other than that, I didn't cook much. In fact one night it was only a sandwich night. And not one that was anything special. It was ham and cheese. Tasty, but plain. 

The Weekend
Not a ton of stuff going on. It's my daughter's birthday so we will do something for that. I might paint the inside the kitchen cabinets. See, not much going on. 

So how was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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