Read-Along: Breeds by Lora Leigh


Lora Leigh came out with a announcement on her FB page HERE that she will be coming out with another Breed book in her “Breeds” series. I know last year I teased that I was coming up with something fun and this is what I was thinking about, doing a Breeds Read-along but I wasn’t sure. But now that we have a official announcement from the author that she is coming back with more Breeds, I think it would be so much fun to get this together. We will be doing some giveaways throughout the Read-Along and also will have a monthly group chat at the end of each month to chat about the books that we read.

We will be doing 2 books a month until the series is complete which will get us close to the release date of the upcoming release of Dane’s Book at the end of February. If you want to read them faster, then that is definitely cool too. We just don’t want to overwhelm it too much. Now how do you find the Lora Leigh books? Well many of her books will be with most libraries, or you can find them through Amazon as well. Or if you prefer printed books, then I am sure Thift Books or Ebay would have some fabulous deals for you as well

The Schedule

We will be offering two different types of schedules that you can participate in. One will be the full complete list along with all the novella’s and anthologies that are included, or you can just do the primary books in the series. I have the graphics for our schedule below for you! Feel free to choose which one you would like to do! Its up to you!


We will also be doing a few giveaways throughout all of this! I don’t yet have the specifics yet, but will announce those when we do those! I am planning on 2 at least maybe 3 throughout the whole read-along!

Instagram graphics

I have below all the graphics for your stories that you can implement for sharing your progress, or current reads or even a book review template! You can thank Renee @addictedtoromance for all the graphics.


So, part of the read along we will be doing a group discussion every month for this! And its so exciting. So this is where we can come together at the end of the month, and just talk about the books for the month, the growth of the series, different character plot developments and more! So I have link for you here.

so, come and join in the fun


  1. I love that series. I'm looking forward to reading the next book at some point when I have time.

  2. Love this darling! So excited to host with you!


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