ARC Review: People in Glass Houses by Jayne Castle

His name is Joshua Knight. Once a respected explorer, the press now calls him the Tarnished Knight. He took the fall for a disaster in the Underworld that destroyed his career. The devastating event occurred in the newly discovered sector known as Glass House—a maze of crystal that is rumored to conceal powerful Alien antiquities. The rest of the Hollister Expedition team disappeared and are presumed dead.

Whatever happened down in the tunnels scrambled Josh’s psychic senses and his memories, but he’s determined to uncover the truth. Labeled delusional and paranoid, he retreats to an abandoned mansion in the desert, a house filled with mirrors. Now a recluse, Josh spends his days trying to discover the secrets in the looking glasses that cover the walls. He knows he is running out of time.

Talented, ambitious crystal artist Molly Griffin is shocked to learn that the Tarnished Knight has been located. She drops everything and heads for the mansion to find Josh, confident she can help him regain control of his shattered senses. She has no choice—he is the key to finding her sister, Leona, a member of the vanished expedition team. Josh reluctantly allows her to stay one night but there are two rules: she must not go down into the basement, and she must not uncover the mirrors that have been draped.

But her only hope for finding her sister is to break the rules…
I'm so happy to be back into the world of Jayne Castle's Ghost Hunters. Okay, let's be really I'm just happy to be with the dust bunnies. I so badly want one. I will try my best to not make this whole review about them. 

For me the story started off really good then went a bit slowing shortly after a few chapters. It took a bit to get back to moving again but when it did, I was lost in the story. The slowness didn't take away from the story or make me want to quit reading it, but it did drag. Thankfully it didn't for long and I was really into the story then. 

Part of why I love her books are her characters. She has a wonderful way of writing them. I connect with them and like them as people. She very seldom makes her characters totally over the top beautiful which I like. They are always beautiful to the men in their lives and isn't that what really counts? 

Molly is a fun character. She is the type who's very sweet but still manages to get her own way. At times you have to look closely to see it. I like how Joshua knows it and still lets her even when he feels he shouldn't. She is the type who loves her family and will do anything to keep them all safe. 

Joshua is a great character too. You feel for what he is going though in the beginning of the book. It's not easy when you feel like your life in not under your control. After meeting Molly things change for the better. He gains control and I have to say I love his love language. They man has no game. It's pretty funny at times. 

The best part of the story is the three of them together. Okay, for me the best part is how Newton acts within the story. The party he throws. Of boy. The characters aren't the only thing about the story that I enjoyed. It has a great mystery too. By the time I was done with People in Glass Houses I was all excited about the next one. If you haven't yet read the stories in this world, you really need to. Read most of them in order to fully enjoy the world that she created. 


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