Review: Lucas by Elle James

Former Delta Force Operator, Lucas LeBlanc, has lost everyone he’s ever loved and is afraid to commit his heart to anyone. He believes he’s the black cloud, the bad luck killing off the people he dares to love as family, friend or lover. After leaving the military, he joins Brotherhood Protectors where he hopes he can put his combat training and skills to work helping others.As Matron of Honor of her best friend’s wedding, the owner of Bayou Mambaloa’s only flower shop, Felina Faivre, is responsible for providing flowers and making sure the wedding goes off without a hitch. Never mind her best friend is marrying Felina’s former fiancé. When her best-laid plans start falling apart and “accidents” threaten the wedding, Felina hires Brotherhood Protectors to help see her through the wedding, but only if the man they assign goes undercover as her new boyfriend and wedding date. After all, she has a wedding and her ego to save. Assigned to Felina’s case, Lucas doesn’t inform his boss he’s gotten sideways with the pretty flower shop owner. There to work a case, he’s determined to set aside any differences and successfully protect Felina and see that her plans result in a hitchless wedding. Together, Felina and Lucas wade through troubled waters and a brewing storm only to discover a traitor among them and a passion that threatens to turn to rubble the walls they’ve erected around their hearts.
I have been enjoying this series so much. It's why I started to read her other series. Lucky for me she a lot of books. Lucas is the third story in the Brotherhood Protectors, and I will say it's been my favorite one so far. Of course, I think I said the same thing for the two prior books, but I really mean it now, until the next book that is. 

I love the fake boyfriend storyline. Those stories can go in so many directions. Lucas goes undercover as Felina's boyfriend to help solve a mystery and keep her safe. Right away you can tell that Lucas really likes Felina. In fact, I would say that for him it was love at first sight. He just didn't know it. Sadly, for Felina, she noticed him but was so busy with her life that at first, she didn't really pay attention. 

Watching these two figure out that they really enjoy each other is so much fun. I did feel for poor Felina and all she was going through. Sometimes life gives you a hit and you come out better on the other side. 

I really enjoyed the mystery that ran though the story and how both Lucas and Felina dealt with it. As a whole the story is very good, and I was so glad that I read it. It made me look forward for the next book in the series. 


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