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Like his FBI agent brother Nick, Theo Buchanan is devoted to his crime-fighting career. Unlike his brother, he works the other side of the desk as an esteemed Justice Department attorney and rarely sees on-the-field action—until he comes to the aid of Dr. Michelle Renard, a beautiful and brilliant surgeon in Bowen, Louisiana, who recently saved his own life. Michelle’s medical clinic has been vandalized, and the investigation uncovers a deadly ring of criminals bent on preserving their secrecy at any cost.

They call themselves the Sowing Club: four white-collar professionals whose sophisticated crimes have amassed millions of dollars in a Cayman Islands bank account. The group is bound by a pact to leave the cash untouched until they accumulate a certain amount, but their leader, John, is distracted by and nearly bankrupt from his wife's grave illness. Knowing what must be done, John turns to his three friends to mercy-kill his wife, but the line between mercy and murder quickly vanishes....

As the relentless and cold-blooded Sowing Club sets out to silence Michelle, the one person who has information that could destroy them, Theo confronts the lies, greed, and evil that bind the lethal foursome—and risks more than he ever has before. Michelle saved his can he save hers?
I've really loved this series and have been rereading them all again. Now all I have to do is get to reviewing them. Mercy starts off so good. It really brings Michelle and Theo together in such a different way. 

After she saves him, he does all he can to save her. Like with all Garwood's books you get a mix on suspense and humor. She writes fun characters. The people that are around Michelle have such different personalities and you really like them. Her father and brother are two of my favorites. 

You'll enjoy the relationship between Michelle and Theo. They work together so nicely. You right away can see how much they like and enjoy each other. Theo worries so much about her and wants nothing more than to protect her. I also love how he fights with her brother. 

The main story is a good one and I liked the idea of it. Sadly, these people are horrible, and they need to get what they deserve. The story kept me engaged and I read right through it. I love the Buchanan family and they have been a favorite of mine in all the series I've read. I would say that you should read this series in order because it's just better to meet each of the characters as they first show up in the series. 


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