Reading Challenge 2024

He’s a CIA agent who lives for the job. She’s the daughter of a cartel boss who’ll do anything to escape the life. And neither of them is looking for a mate…but fate has other ideas.Tiger shifter Max Hunter will do whatever it takes to protect his country…so long as it doesn’t involve socializing with other people. When a mission leads him to cross paths with four jaguar shifters and the woman they’re about to kill, he doesn’t hesitate to chase them off. What he hadn’t banked on was the woman being his one true mate.Mia Johnson is little more than a prisoner in her father’s mansion. When four of his enemies catch up with her, things look bleak – until her heroic fated mate shows up in time to rescue her. But Mia’s not looking for a knight in shining armor…especially one who’s clearly keeping secrets. Even if he is the hottest guy she’s ever seen. Getting distracted could be dangerous for Mia, but she can’t get Max off her mind. One wrong move could bring her father’s wrath down on her, but the handsome stranger fated to be hers might just be worth the risk. Can Mia and Max overcome the secrets between them and embrace the mate bond, or is their love fated to fail?
I really enjoyed the FBI series by Bella Drake and was so glad that we have a new series to read. Mission: Tiger is the first in the series. It starts off with us getting to know Max and he's wanting to be alone while he works. Not always a good thing. 

Max is a bit crabby and a loner, but I really liked him. The way the other members of the CIA team tease him is funny. I don't think he really thinks what it's like to be on a team. He does learn the benefits of a team when he needs them to help protect his mate. 

Right away you worry about Mia and what's going on in her life. She's born into a bad family and is trying her best just to survive. I liked her from the minute you meet her, and you can sense the stress she's under. 

Together along with Max's team they do the right thing and take down the bad people. The story moves very quickly and packs in a lot within the word count. I like when Mia is in danger Max's team stands for him and helps anyway, they can take down some very bad people and save Mia. 


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