My Week

A little bit about my week

I was lazy this week and almost missed Thursday's post. I did get it done just a bit late. Thankfully my other posts were all set up, so they went out on time. 

I read, reviewed and enjoyed Wilde for You by Jennifer Ryan. I haven't read as many books this week as I have in prior weeks but I'm not doing horrible either. I have a few that I can't wait to read and I'm starting them now. 

Been watching my favorite shows plus Blown Away is back on Netflix so I'm happy. Now if some of the other shows that I started on Netflix would only add more seasons I'd be much happier. 

I was craving messy spaghetti which is meat, sauce and noodles. I need to add something new to the mix time to hit Pinterest. 

My Weekend
Not much going on here. I am doing laundry and some spring cleaning. It's that time of the year that I like to get rid of the crap I keep for no apparent reason.  

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?   


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