My Week

A little bit about my week

I was a bit lazy this week and was later than usual getting my one review out but I'm happy to say that I did. We are in the three month and I'm happy to say that I've been keeping up with all my posts. 

After doing so good in February reading all those books I've slowed way down. I figure it has to be because I read so many and I'm a bit book tired. I know it will pick up soon. 

I been doing good catching up on things. I need to find something new to watch. Something I can binge watch. 

Haven't felt much like cooking. I did make the best soft-boiled eggs. So creamy. Other than that, not much new I did make peanut butter blossom bars. I liked them but my daughter who I made them for likes the cookies better. Brat!

My Weekend
Not sure if I have much going on we'll see as the weekend goes by. It's been a lazy week, other than a haircut. I tried a new stylist and was very worried. Happily, she did a great job. 

How was your week? Any plans this weekend?


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