My Week

A little bit about my week

Another good week. I really enjoyed my end of month post. I had a very busy month and was able to keep up with all my posts. Look how proud I am about myself. Hey, it can be a lot of work writing reviews. I have to make sure you give the info about the book without give away anything. 

Oh boy did I have a good month. I was very busy reading and loved everything I read. I had a few rereads. I enjoyed reading them again. I've read a ton of Elle James, she's my new love at the moment. I have to admit reading her books back-to-back isn't something I really love doing but I can't help myself I'm enjoying them that much. After I finish this latest series, I'm reading of hers I will have to read someone else. Give myself a break. 

I've been watching my favorites. I haven't found any new shows to watch just yet but I we will see. I caught up on NCIS from last week and this week. The show honoring Ducky broke my heart. He will be missed. The show did a great job for him. 

We tried a new Indian restaurant because my favorite is horrible with takeout. They set up a pickup time then when you get there, they have you come back an hour later. Since its a twenty-minute drive to get them, it made me mad enough to find a new place. Guess what? They aren't as good so that means I need to plan my pickups where I go and find out when I need to be back and then go shopping while I wait. 

My Weekend
Can't say I have any plans for the weekend. The weather is still crazy in IL. We are either warm or freezing. The summer can't get here soon enough. Maybe I will find something good to binge watch. I do know I'll be finishing the series by Elle James I am reading. Four more books to go. 

How was your week? Any plans this weekend?


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