ARC Review: The Witch Queen of Halloween by Kresley Cole

A demon soldier of fortune . . .
Rök Kours dives into a dangerous mission, only to cross swords with the one woman who bewitched him.

A cursed Wiccan mercenary . . .
Poppy Dyer has never let her uncontrollable magic interfere with her work, but she can barely withstand one demon's charms.

Trapped in a terrifying lair.
If the two rivals can defeat Halloween's worst nightmares to escape a haunted castle, can they overcome their pasts to claim a spellbinding future together?
I always love reading Kresley Cole, but I have to say that out of all of her books this one has to be a favorite of mine hands down. I think what I really loved about the book is that I didn't even realize as I read it just how great the concept was. 

I'm not going to give too much away but I will tell you that this is one of those books that when you are totally done with it you start to unpack everything and can't wait talk about it with others. I loved the whole idea of this story. What the author does with the nightmare images is priceless. 

Both Poppy and Rok are great characters that you'll enjoy. They are perfect together they just don't know it yet. The story does a great job of having the hero and heroine realizing how they feel about each other. 

This is an action-packed story that will keep you wondering throughout the story. What I loved about it was that even though it's a novella you feel like you got a full-size book. Not every author can do that. I didn't feel cheated at all. If you are a fan of Cole, you'll be so happy about this story. If you haven't yet read her this is a good one to sink into. I usually don't tell you to read out of order when there is a series but this one touch but doesn't really get into the main plot of the series too much. 


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