ARC Review: Wilde for You by Jennifer Ryan

Landscape artist, Layla Brock, knows what it feels like to love someone so completely you’d do anything for them—even take their secrets to the grave. Widowed after her husband’s betrayals and tragic death, Layla is searching for a new scene to paint, a new life to live. And Wyoming feels like the perfect place to get lost and find herself again.

Jax Wilde runs the family ranch, but has a few side hustles: wrangling his sisters, covering shifts at the Dark Horse Dive Bar, and renting out cabins to tourists looking for the ranch experience. His busy schedule, plus a bad breakup, equals no personal life. And then she showed up. And the woman he thought he had nothing in common with turned out to be his perfect match.

Layla knows what it feels like to lose everything. Jax is a man who wants it all—a wife, children, a life filled with happy memories. It’s a beautiful picture of a life Layla thought she’d had but turned out to be a lie. This could be her second chance…

Until her secrets begin to unravel and a new threat is revealed. There’s one difference this time: she has Jax Wilde on her side…
I'm a huge fan of Ryan's books. She packs so much within the pages of her stories that you feel you can't put the book down for fear of missing something. For me this one is a bit different from her past books. It's a little bit more about Jax and Layla and less about the suspense. I have to say, I really liked that for a change. Sure, we still have the suspense but in most of her past books it's pretty heavy. Not so much for me with this one. 

Layla is such a lovely person, and you'll love her. She has been done dirty but her husband and is trying to start again somewhere new. She needs to heal from all her dead husband put her through. I love how she struggled between being mad at him and remembering how much she used to love him. Add a childish brother-in-law and you really feel for her. 

You'll also feel bad for Jax. Of course, some of his issues are of his own making. He works to hard and feels the need to do it all by himself. In part because he is running away from life and the need to make sure it's all done. He also has a secret that's been weighing on him. 

So much goes on in the story and I will say I really enjoyed it. There are some really cute moments within the story that I really enjoyed. All around this is a wonderful story that I was so happy to read. 


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