ARC Review: One Enchanted Evening by Tara Wyatt

Jack Shephard doesn’t believe in happy endings.

He tried the whole happily ever after thing, and it ended in divorce. As a single dad and the Chief of Police in a small town, he doesn’t have time to date, which is just fine with him. He’s not looking for love. Especially not with a woman from the city who’s just as jaded about love and relationships as he is.

Rosalie Crawford isn’t looking for love, either. Ever since her father walked out on her and her mother, leaving deep scars, she’s known that living happily ever after is nothing but a fairytale. She only does short-term and casual when it comes to men. When she gets stuck in Gossamer Falls for the night after scouting the location for a music video shoot, she doesn’t think twice about spending the night with gorgeous and sweet Jack Shephard.

After one night with Rosalie, however, Jack can’t help but wonder if there might be more there. When Rosalie’s boss, pop music superstar Carrie Clark, decides to shoot her latest music video in Gossamer Falls, Jack and Rosalie will have a chance to reconnect. But there’s something he’s failed to mention, something that might throw a wrench into his plans with Rosalie—he’s a single dad to an eleven-year-old daughter.

As much as Rosalie likes Jack, finding out about his daughter puts things in a different light. Relationships are risky enough, and with a kid involved…it’s all so much more complicated.

But one night under the famous—and possibly magical—Gossamer Falls just might change everything, for both of them. Because in Gossamer Falls, magic lurks around every corner, just waiting to be discovered.
Here we are back in Gossamer Falls and with the Shephard family. I really enjoy this family and glad we are getting more of them. I would love to visit this town. The author makes it sound like a wonderful place to live. 

Jack Shephard is a man who takes fatherhood seriously. He loves his daughter and spends a lot of time with her. There is something about a father that puts his family first that warms my heart. I also like Rosalie but felt she has a few issues to work out. Yes, Jack doesn't do relationships, but I think that's more to do with his daughter than anything else. But Rosalie has family issues that have molded her adult life. 

I love how the magic in Gossamer Falls have matched these two. They are perfect for each other. Their humor is the same and like so many of the same shows and even like the sports team. I will say that the day before I read One Enchanted Evening, I was telling my niece about this series and called it a sweet small-town romance. The sweet is perfect for the first book but this one is way spicier than the first. I really loved that about them. They are perfectly match kinky wise. 

They both spend the book dealing with their feelings. Jack has an easier time of it surprisingly but in the end, Rosalie comes around. She falls in love and with the town magic believes in true love. What a fun book to read I will also say that I wonder if the author is giving us an idea of an upcoming story with this one. Rosalie isn't the only person the falls tells to stay. 


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