ARC Review: Locked in Ice by Cynthia Eden

The world called him a monster, so he became one…

Guilty. Innocent? Definitely dangerous. The media chases Lane Lawson wherever he goes. Once upon a time, he’d been locked away because the Feds believed he was a serial killer. Every single day that he’d been in that hell, he’d had to fight for survival. Now he’s out, free, seemingly clear, but he’ll never be the man he was before a nightmare ended the life he knew.

It’s his turn to be the predator

So he hunts. Adrenaline and rage fuel him, and he hunts the killers who think they’ve gotten away with their crimes. He paid for someone else’s sins before, and he’s determined that the guilty will be the ones to suffer. He’s joined up with the Ice Breakers, a team of cold case solvers—a team that helped get him out of his hell—and he will not stop until the scales of justice have been balanced.

And in this new life, he has an unlikely new partner.

PI Ophelia Raine is Lane’s opposite in every way. Fiery when he’s ice cold. Smiling when he’s ready to rip the world apart. She’s supposed to balance him, to help train him as an Ice Breaker…and, most importantly, he knows that Ophelia is supposed to keep him in check. Don’t let him go off the deep end. An order he’d heard her receive.

But the problem is that the more he’s around the gorgeous and tenacious Ophelia, the more Lane’s control begins to fracture. Because it has been far too long since he’s taken something—someone—for himself. And he very, very much wants Ophelia. A dark and desperate desire that begins to consume him.

Ophelia has her own darkness hidden inside.

The more he’s around her, the more Lane realizes that Ophelia’s bright and beautiful veneer is just a facade. She’s hiding secrets. Secrets that she’s keeping from him and all of the Ice Breakers. And when Ophelia’s bloody and violent past comes back to haunt her…

She will need a monster to keep her safe.
Right away you are going to love both Ophelia and Lane. You've met both in prior stories if you've kept up with the series. Which you really should since it's such a good one. I so wanted Lane to find his HEA. When you meet him in his sisters story you realize just how good a person he is. He just does a great job of hiding it. I also enjoy Ophelia who uses humor to hide the pain that's within. 

It's kind of funny how quickly these two falls into a pattern as they work together. It's almost like they are perfect for each other.  Ophelia works very hard at her job. She sees things others miss which makes her good at her job. Lane matches her in seeing the monsters. That's why they work so well together. I really enjoyed how their pasts made them the people they are now. 

Locked in Ice like all her other books is well-written and actioned packed with tons of humor. It will keep you wondering till the very end. At times I wasn't sure who would turn out to be the bad guy. I like that in a story. I will say that you can read this as a standalone, but it will be even better if you at least read Lane's sisters story first. It helps with understanding more about him. 


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