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Between her business, her recent divorce and her teenage daughter who needs her right now, Zoey Hartford has her hands full. Thank goodness she has her best friend, Mike McKinnon, to keep her laughing. Zoey and Mike have gone through everything together—from chemistry class to heartbreak. They would never risk their friendship…until one unexpected but sizzling night changes everything.

Mike is torn. Funny, down-to-earth Zoey in her flannel shirts and messy ponytail always seems so in control…until she melts into his arms. But he won’t come between Zoey and her daughter. They'll just keep it casual. No drama. No feelings. No messiness. What could go wrong?

But the meddling, matchmaking book club won’t be denied. They may not have set them up, but they recognize a perfect match when they see one. And they’re determined to help Zoey see what’s been right in front of her for so long…

I've been really enjoying Rendezvous Falls series. Each story has added new characters that you will enjoy reading about. Sadly, I think this is the last one since there wasn't anything out last year. Smalltown romance readers will really enjoy this series. 

What I loved about this story is that there were no big, huge issues that they went through. They are friends who decide to become friends with benefits and as much as they worry that it will wreck their friendship, they do it anyway and end up learn some much more about each other. 

Zoey is a great mom and friend. She wants everything to be calm for her daughter after her divorce. She forgot that life isn't like that. I enjoyed so many of the talks she had with her daughter. Her daughter understood that her mom deserves a life. 

Mike is a great guy who lost his wife and that has caused him to put a slight wall up before his emotions. He lives life but hasn't let himself love again. He's funny and loving and is there for his best friend when she needs him. 

These two together are so sweet. Their text messages are so funny. They might not have started out to have a lasting relationship but by the end of the story they realized just how much they are about each other. If this is the end of the series it was the perfect way to end it. I will miss the matchmaking book club. 


  1. These characters wound great. This sounds like a good one.

    1. It's one of those series that you feel are comfort reads.


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