Reading Challenge 2024

Cam Maguire is in Blackberry Bay to unravel a family secret. Meredith Price has moved next door with her daughter. He’s unattached. She’s a widowed single mom. He’s owned by a cat. She’s definitely team canine. All these neighbors have in common is a property line. One they cross…over and over. And Cam thought he knew what he wanted—until his family’s secret changes everything.
In the last year or so I've gone back to reading harlequin books. I moved away from them when my favorite authors did too. Now I'm back and I'm finding a few new authors and other authors that I enjoy are writing them.

Shannon Stacey is one of those authors. More Than Neighbors is the first in the Blackberry Bay series and it's a wonderful start to this series. I loved this story and the characters that come with it. Both Cam and Meredith are such likable characters. 

Cam has a great sense of humor and Meredith gets him. You really feel for what Cam is going through in the story He never met his dad or grandmother and here he is cleaning out her place to sell it but he's keeping that information to himself. I think he's using his time at his grandmother's place to learn more about himself and the people he comes from. You can help but feel for him. Lucky for him he has wonderful neighbors to help him get through it all. 

Meredith came back home after the death of her husband. She wants a happy safe place to raise her daughter and for them to heal after losing their husband/father. I think due to their loss they are great for Cam. He needs them in his life to feel...something, anything. I really enjoyed this story and it's a sweet read. 


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