My Week

A little bit about my week

As you've seen I've been so good and have kept up with my blog. I've made sure to keep all my post done and ready to release. I've been really happy with how many books I've gotten reviewed. It's kept my blog busy. 

I've been so busy reading. I'm so happy with the number of books I've read. I was lucky to get an ARC copy of Dane's Mark by Lora Leigh that came out this week and I loved it. I read Temptation by Inara Scott. I have one more book to read in that series and I'm looking forward to it. I also read Lucas by Elle James and loved it. I've mentioned she's a newer author for me. I might have read something before of hers but I'm not sure. I will start going back and reading more of her books. 

Since I've been reading so much, I haven't been watching too much but I did find a show that I watched the first season and half of the second on BBC America called The Hotel Inspector. I found it on a Roku app and was surprised it was still going so I've been watching that at night as I read. Love the new host. She's so funny. She kicks ass. 

I made pulled pork in the slow cooker, and it came out so good I was able to have enough for leftovers. I tried a new recipe called garlic butter steak bites. Made enough for leftovers and that made us happy. I also made some pot roast which is a winter favorite of mine. 

My Weekend
Not much going on. I do want to do a bit of painting. I have old cabinets that aren't bad looking but to refresh them I've been painting the insides on the and adding contact paper. They been looking so good. Not a Superbowl watcher but I do love making nothing but apps for dinner on that day, I have to get my ideas together so I can go shopping. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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