My Week

A little bit about my week

It's been another good week on the blog. I really enjoyed doing my Valentine's Day post. It was a fun post to do. I hope you who saw it enjoyed it as much as I did. I've been keeping up with my reviewing good me. 

Oh boy is my reading been good this year. This week I read a trilogy by Jennifer Ryan, I should say reread and a library book I was hoping for came in by Linda Leal Miller that I read. All of them were so good. I also found a new book by Bella Drake on Kindle Unlimited that I enjoyed. 

I've been waiting the shows that are book that I enjoy. So far so good for them. I have also been watching a show called The Hotel Inspector that goes well with my reading. Others wise I've been letting the tv run and whatever is on gets watched. 

I've been making comfort food a lot lately. Winter brings that out in me. I've been having a taste for chicken fried steak, so you know what I'll be making soon. I made some scones that were so good. I have some frozen blueberries I might add next time. 

My Weekend
Not much going on. I need to start my spring cleaning, but I think I wait for a week or so before I start that. I have a few little home projects that I should do but I'm always so lazy in Jan & Feb. 

How was your week? Any plans for the weekend?


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