My Week

A little bit on how my week went. 

We are starting a new month and I'm hoping I'll keep up with the reviews. I do have a habit of tuning naughty and not writing them when I should. It's always fun to do the month of the blog post. I get to see what I've done on the blog all month. 

I went downstairs and pulled out all the books I had by Julie Garwood, Susan Mallery, and Jill Shalvis. for some reason I'm in the mood to reread them. I will be doing that in-between whatever ARC's I have and the books that I haven't read yet. We'll have to see how many I get through. Not to worry you'll all know when I post my reviews. 

Not watching anything too great. I need to finish Hell's Kitchen but to be honest I don't know who wins. Didn't love any of them. My Father Brown is back so I'm watching that. I enjoy that show. 

I've been lazy this week do I mostly made easy meals. My favorite of the week has to be my cinnamon spaghetti. It makes me think of childhood. I did find a few new recipes I want to try so we'll see how those go. 

My Weekend
Not much happening this weekend. I want to do a bit how cleaning. Soon I will be starting my spring cleaning. I like to get it started way before spring. In spring I'm busy with planting flowers. I can't wait for those days. 

How was your week? Any plans this weekend?


  1. Sounds like a nice quiet week. It's been quiet here for the most part. I've had a cold for 2 weeks so I'm just trying to get over that.

    1. Oh, that sucks. Sometimes they won't go away. I hope you feel better soon.


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