Book Reviews: Here we Go & A Second Shot by Shannon Stacey

Kristen Burke isn’t a hockey fan. She grew up in the shadow of an older brother destined for the Hockey Hall of Fame and she wants nothing to do with hockey players. She’s focused on her career and nailing the promotion she’s worked hard for. She also likes to have a little fun, but when the hot, bookish guy she brings home for a night turns out to be her brother’s fiercest on-ice rival, all that work might be for nothing.

Will “Cross” Lecroix is stuck in a city that hates him, doing a conditioning stint after an injury incurred during a fight, and a quick fling with a beautiful woman seems harmless enough. Not even twenty-four hours later, he’s in the media spotlight sporting a bruised jaw and being asked if the rumor he spent the night with Erik Burke’s sister is true.

Making a split-second decision meant to save her reputation with her conservative boss, Will announces he and Kristen have been dating. With her promotion potentially at risk, she has no choice but to play along—and the playing part isn’t bad at all. The more time they spend together, the more the line between pretend and real blurs, but Will’s return to his team looms over them. As the clock runs out on their fake romance, they have to decide—is what they have the real thing, and is it worth the price they’ll pay?
This was such a cute book. I love how she decides to have a one-night stand and it ends up being with the one guy that both her brother and father hate. That little bit makes the story so much better. What I liked is how that even with the fact that she slept with her brother's hockey enemy she didn't stop seeing him. Plus, the author did a great job of not making it about him pulling something over on her and just that these two people are attracted to each other. 

Right away you'll like both of them. Kristin has always been in third place within her family. First its her brother then its hockey leaving her to follow behind them both. I hated how her father treated her and felt she deserved more. I wish her brother stood up for her more, but I get it. He had the father that was engaged and there for him. She had no one. True her brother tried, but she would never come before hockey. 

Now Will is the man she needs. He stands for her. Sure, hockey is his thing and he'd never want to give it up, but he does try to make sure she knows that hockey is something he loves but she's the person he loves and making her happy is important to him. 

These two have a lot to work out. Sadly, Kristen has so much baggage from her father that it's not easy to believe that Will can love both hockey and her. I like how they work it out and I was also impressed with her brother and what he told her. 
Andi Morgan was the one who got away—the woman Erik Burke walked away from to focus on the game—but when their paths cross once again, all he wants for Christmas is the chance to take another shot at love.
I wasn't sure if I'd like this one. I read Erik's sister story first and I almost liked him but not totally. So, when I got in this story, I was surprised that he was a human being after all. I think poor Erik took his love for hockey way too far. He didn't allow for anyone thing or anyone to be part of his life. When he wasn't playing, he was working on how and what he did wrong. 

Andi is the sweetest person and Erik didn't deserve her. He lost her for a reason. She is a way better person then he is. With time and being with her that might change, and I hope it does. 

I was glad but that in the end Erik realized what is important. He stands up to his dad and picks the woman he loves over spending hours watching talking about hockey with his father. With this being such a short story, you don't get a lot of depth within the story but since it's a second chance type of story it all works. 
Both books are leaving Kindle Unlimited at the end of February.


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