Book Review: Mr. December by Michele Dunaway

Bah humbug. Jack Donovan, aka Mr. December from the Sexy Public Servants Charity Calendar, has no time for Christmas. This police detective is more troubled by the fact that veterinarian Kat Saunders is running an unpermitted, no-kill animal shelter out of her clinic. But when he needs help on an urgent case of an injured puppy, Christmas loving Kat comes to the rescue.

Kat needs a Christmas miracle. She’s determined to succeed in her dream career of helping all animals, both pets and strays. She won’t let a few neighborhood grinches stand in her way. Jack agrees to help Kat with her legal issues, and as they work closely together to save the puppy and the clinic, sparks ignite. As they draw closer, Kat wonders if some holiday magic might thaw Jack’s heart and turn this Scrooge into Kat's true love for all seasons. A Christmas kiss under the mistletoe may be what it takes to find out…
I was so shocked when I found out that years ago, I missed reading Mr. December. I read the other two book in the series and really enjoyed them. How I missed this one I have no clue. Thankfully the author was talking about how she was releasing them after getting the rights back to them. 

I really enjoyed Mr. December. It's a wonderful Christmas story that can be read at any time throughout the year. I liked the idea of how animals worked into this story. I hate when bad things happen to animals so at times, I wanted to read the between my fingers so it wouldn't seem so bad. Silly I know but I did read it in December, so I was feeling a certain way. 

Jack is a great guy who does his job. He hates all the attention he is getting but knows it will help his job and the animals he and his fellow cops save. Sometimes doing the right thing isn't always easy. I felt for Jack. He has some issues with his family, and I was kind of surprised by the treatment his brother gave him. The man pissed me off more than once. Families can be a mess. 

Love Kat and all the good work she does. She's a hard worker and puts the people who work for her and the animals she takes care of first. Because she hates the thought of an animal not having a home, she does all she can to make sure they can even if she skirts the law a bit. 

There are times throughout the story where both Jack and Kat are at odds with each other because of what and how they believe but, in the end, they stand together and do everything they can for each other. Being a Christmas decor freak myself I love how freaked out Jack gets with all the Christmas stuff but deals with it for Kat who loves it all. 

As much as I really enjoyed Mr. December I was kind of sad that only three months of the year got their guy. I hope one day the author adds to the calendar. 


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