ARC Review: Ice Cold Kiss by Cynthia Eden

The son of a serial killer. A devil in the flesh. Midas Monroe knows that his big size intimidates plenty of people, and when they learn about his twisted past? Most folks go running. But he’s not like his dear old monster of a dad, despite the stories that still circulate in the press. He’s a bodyguard. Protecting and defending is his bit. No emotional attachments, ever. And no mistakes. His latest case isn’t the same old routine. It comes with a few twists…Twist one? The woman he’s protecting doesn’t know that he’s her bodyguard. Like that doesn’t make the job an extra pain in his—Ice. Alina Bellamy is the reigning queen of the ice. She’s an Olympic contender waiting for her moment to shine. And she’s also a woman falling hard and fast for the big, muscled, and gorgeous stranger who has just swept into her life. When they touch, she finally feels something other than the cold that has surrounded her forever.

Taken. Terrified. Lost…Alina’s perfect world shatters when she’s abducted. Kidnapped in the middle of the night, she fears that she’ll never survive, until he rushes to the rescue. Her Midas. Big, bold, and dangerous. He spirits her away even as her abductors give chase. Alina isn’t the first victim to be taken, and her abductors aren’t just going to let her slip away. The abduction is just the start of the nightmare that waits for Alina. And as for Midas? Sometimes, it takes the son of a devil to fight the darkest monsters who like to hide in plain sight.

Midas has never backed away from a fight. Mostly because he has a killer swing…

The Ice Breakers are back! And Midas is about to find out that sometimes, a case can become very, very personal. Cold cases will collide with the firestorm surrounding Alina as Midas hunts for a killer and as he finds out that the old saying can be true…The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Because Midas may just be falling hard for a woman he will never, ever be able to truly have.
Oh Midas, how I love you. From the minute we were introduce to him I just loved him. His dry humor and quick wit will draw you in. What will keep you with him is the way her protects those he's in charge of. Add falling in love and no one will get between him and the person he loves. 

Ice Cold Kiss has many twists and turns and will keep you guessing. I love the characters of this book and enjoyed this story a lot. Both Midas and Alina are great characters. Right away you like them and are happy with the thought of them getting together. 

Midas has lived a life of hell. His father is a horrible human being and I'm surprised that he's not totally messed up. His childhood and young adult time forged a person who has over developed need to protect. Which means his job as a bodyguard is tailored made for him.

Right away you see how sheltered Alina has been. Her whole life is skating and very little else. She works hard and very little else. I felt bad for her. She seems to only live half a life. Having a goal and working hard towards it is wonderful but having nothing else isn't heathy. 

When these two come together right away you just feel the heat. Midas is very protected of Alina and risks his life for her more than once. They fall for each other very fast but as you read the story you get it. 

Things come out that rock both their worlds and cause them the almost crash and burn but Midas is lucky that Alina can see him for the man he is not for the man he worries that he is. It might be a scary ride for these two but in the end it will be worth it. 


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