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Beck Jacobs makes a living restoring and fixing homes. The only thing he can’t fix, is himself. A part of him died the night his fiancé was taken, and he’s accepted the fact he’ll live his life alone. What he doesn’t count on is Sidney Barrett, a woman more broken than he is. Surprised at the sparks between them, Beck has to decide whether he stokes those flames and lets them spread, or does he step away and let them burn to ash.

Sid Barrett seems to have it all. Famous for being famous, she’s carved out a life for herself and made a fortune with her lifestyle brand. Burnt out, she escapes to Crystal Lake, her plan to relax and recharge the batteries. Local contractor Beck Jacobs, puts a wrench in that plan. Sid’s already been broken, so the thought of embarking on an affair with a man like Beck scares her. But when your heart has already been shattered, is there anything left to break?
This one out of all the books so far that I've read in the series really broke my heart. I felt so bad for Beck. He didn't seem to be able to move past what happened in his past. Now I'm not saying that losing someone we love is easy, it's not. But Beck takes it to a whole new level. He has shut himself off from everyone. He only lives on the surface of life. 

As much as I felt for him at times, I wanted to yell at him a little bit. I love books that engage my feelings like that. On the other side of that I loved watching him come back to life as the story progressed. At times he didn't even realize it. 

Right away I loved Sidney. She's a wonderful person who has also gone through loss and just wanted to refresh her life. No one can blame her for that. 

These two don't hit if off in the beginning but you can feel the charge that is going through them when they meet. But since Beck only does superficial relationships there is no way he wasn't to become involved with Sid. I think it's because his heart new before his feelings did that, she could make a difference in his life. 

Both Sid and Beck might have started off rocky but as time goes on it got even rockier. I'm guess you thought it would smooth out right, wrong it took almost the whole book for Beck to get with the program. He really fought falling in love again. I understood it that's why he was given a break. 

It might have taken them a bit to admit to being in love but once they did you are so happy for them. This story is so sweet and a little bit sad too. It's like taking a deep breath after feeling a weight on your chest for years. 


  1. I can see why that was sad too. After losing someone close to you it's hard to let anyone else in for a while.

  2. Glad that this one was such a hit for you here! I have liked this author in the past.


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